Sunday, August 27th, 2017

शर्मनाक पिता – An act of DISGRACE..!


– RAHUL achievement turned down due to awful smirking of father “Mr.Doshi”

 An intelligence contest, two final contestants nearly belonging to the age group of (9 – 12) years, final quest on & opponent Ronan buzzed one wrong answer & Father of Rahul grinned for the innocence of child mistake fighting for the trophy.

Finals of a Saturday night quiz of channel show, the competition involved General knowledge quiz, mathematical puzzles & spell the word categories for winning the title of a genius child. The IT Manager Minesh Doshi’s son Rahul 12, was pitted against Ronan 9, where the score graph was swinging the ratio of 8 – 2 with Rahul leading the Dias show.

Before finals, Mr.Doshi guided his son with speeds & buzzing calculative approach for answering fast- tricks during lunch break.

When the game was on, despite leading the bar with 8 – 2 score, one wrong answer by child, father Mr.Doshi was seen disappointed with a rough body language (definitely a pressurizing situation for child’s delicate brain) but the situation turned uglier when Father Doshi laughed smirkingly at opponent’s wrong attempt for the same math question ( DISTURBING & DEMEANING behaviour against Ronan).

Twitter rati raised their voice by tweeting “Rahul’s dad laughing at the fact Ronan was one off the correct total is awful, the boy is nine, grow up.”

The second one added: “Why does Rahul’s dad think it’s acceptable to laugh when Ronan has an incorrect answer? That’s a nine-year-old child. Disgusting”

Radom tweets were flashing as “Minesh is really stressing me out…he thinks HE’S the contestant!”

The winners crown was handed over to Rahul who won by 10 – 4 points, Father Doshi ran down the stage took the trophy & lifted it in the air with euphoria.

Being so proud daddy of such a genius child as murmured by Minesh Doshi, congratulating his son for the win he said: “I am actually willing him with the answers, it’s like I’m on his shoulder, telepathically trying to get the words for him.”

Victory definitely needs a moment of joy for any parent & moment of pride for any child master, but unconsciously demeaning someone’s moral with grinning & smirking act is UNACCEPTABLE!!

Not so cool daddy!!!!!


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