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8 Most Beautiful Flight Attendant Uniforms Of The World



Travelling is a fun and if you are travelling in a flight than journey becomes easy with the assistance of air hostesses. The profession of a flight attendant is very challenging and demanding, but at the same time it’s glamorous one too. No doubt, flight attendants are the face of the airline they represent. So here we have collected top 8 flight attendant uniforms for you.

8. Lufthansa


This airline and its flight attendants have made our list and there is an excellent reason behind it. Lufthansa is a German company, made up of a cabin crew of unique and diversified nationalities. Lufthansa stands among the best airlines which features some of the most striking beauties in the air. They are well-known for their overall friendly staff and fine service attitude.

7. Qantas


As the name is stylist itself the flight attendants are stylish too, and if still you are not satisfied with the girls than see  supermodel Miranda Kerr. The new design, full of striking colours, including French Navy, Qantas/ruby-red and fuchsia palette was created by Australia born designer Martin Grant, the tenth Australian designer Qantas has worked with since the airlines launch in 1938.

6. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic

The ladies at Virgin Atlantic have always been noticeable with their silk neck ties and well-fitted red suits. These beautiful flight attendants seem like HBO tv stars in their seductive red uniform. They have been voted the “most attractive airline stewardess” in a survey conducted in 2011.

5. Thai Airways


Graceful and elegant, the traditional Thai Airlines uniforms is unique in style. The airline has won numerous awards for its exceptional quality of service. Their unique purple uniforms are also often cited as one of the best flight attendant uniforms.

4. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

Emirates is one of the world’s leading airlines and it will not be surprising that its cabin crew uniform is one of the world’s most recognizable uniforms. The airline has most elegant flight attendants of different nationalities. They are in different looks and styles but all are very attractive and polished. Emirates hostesses always look quite alluring in their outfits.

3. Aeroflot Air

Aeroflot Air

These girls in red are making the world crazy with their beautiful smile and services. Russian women are said to be one of the most beautiful women in the world and  Aeroflot Air is just proving it right. With crisp caps and jauntily-angled neck ties, Aeroflot’s stewardesses struck a chord with passengers who have rated the airline the world’s most stylish in a survey for the flight booking website Skyscanner.

2. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines world-famous ‘Singapore Girl’ uniform has barely altered in over 40 years. But as the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Their hospitality and cabin service has been recognized with awards from magazines, travel and tourism industries, including the ‘World’s Best Cabin Crew Service’ by the Business Traveller Asia-Pacific Awards for 17 consecutive years.

1. Air France

Air France

And now at the top of our list is Air France. Flying with Air France will make your experience seems to be short as you will be joined by flight attendants that have uniforms resembling to a stylish tub mannequin. So if you really want to meet these beautiful girls than hurry up and book a Air France ticket.


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