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10 Best Camping Places in India to Reconnect you with Nature



//Spending time in the open air, gazing out at the stars, just taking in every bit of the tranquility that comes with being so close to nature. Are you someone who picture your holidays like this? If yes, then the camping trips are your thing! //

Take a cool drive outside the city or go on a traditional morning hike or ride a bike till the air pressure leaves your ear drums numb. When you lose the sight of civilization, that’s when you find your campground. Watch the star-packed sky and howl at the moon while you cook for the love of a primitive life. Out there, somewhere, pitch a tent once in your life. Being an outdoor adventure activity, camping has some hazards too. Taking precautionary measures in advance can protect you against many risks. The recent camping scene in the country has changed completely to emerge as a luxurious experience. With more and more people preferring this type of stay, numerous camps have come up to cater to all the needs.

Read through the bucket list of some of the exciting camping spots in India that will wake up the wave of wanderlust in you.


  1. Sonamarg

This meadow of gold at an easefully adventurous altitude of 2800 meters promises a comfortable Himalayan lap to rest. With the Kolhoi and Machoi Glacier at the vicinity of this camp side more adventures await the brave-hearts. The river Nallah Sindh meandering through the location, gives you ample fishing opportunities and manage a mahseer for dinner. Sonamarg is an adventurous place for camping.

Best time for camping: Mid April till October


  1. Sillery Gaon

Amidst the pines, Sillery Gaon is perfect Himalayan campground, 96 kms from New Jalpaiguri via Kalimpong. Against the mighty Kunchunjunga, this little heaven for exotic birds is an excellent spot for bird-watching. This beauteous trail at 6000m above sea level offers a lovely panoramic view of the winding Teesta river.

Best time for camping: The spot can be visited throughout the year but it’s best to avoid the rainy season.


  1. Wayanad

Do check the temperature rating on the sleeping bag when prepare yourself to spend a night in shivering cold at the Chembra peak. 17kms from Kalpetta, Chembra Peak at 2100 meters, is the tallest peak of the region and calls for a venturesome full day trek to reach the summit. Although backpackers require an official permission at Meppady for camping, immense photographic opportunities await you as you cross the heart shaped lake midway.

Best time for camping: October to February

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