Saturday, July 29th, 2017

10 Best Camping Places in India to Reconnect you with Nature


  1. Nandi Hills

Wake up to the dew laden trees at the height of 1479 meters amidst the evergreens of the Nandi Hills. 60kms from the city of Bengaluru, with migrant species of flycatchers and thrushes found on the hill slopes as you trek up, Nandi Hills was rightly called Anandagiri, the hill of happiness, in ancient India.

Best time to visit: Nandi hills can be visited throughout the year except the rainy season.


  1. Trinud

A wonderous crown jewel of Dharamshala, embraced by the surreal Dhauladhar Range, Triund is a moderate 6 hours trek from Mcleodganj. The star-studded sky at Triund is nature’s bounty waiting at the hill top. Tents can be carried along and rented at the top. The morning calls for a nature walk or some lively cricket at the green grounds.

Best time for camping: May-June and Spetember-October.

coorg resort

  1. Coorg

Rightly called, the Scotland of India, Coorg’s silent charm is a trekker’s heaven. The trekking routes through tea and coffee plantations in Coorg lead you to some of the most stunning destinations in the Western Ghats. The rippling of a white cascade atis music to ears as you pitch a tent here and prepare for bonfire and barbecue snacks.

Best time for camping: March and April


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