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10 Brands You Think Are International But Are Actually Indian


With the growing demand of western brands, the Indian companies have started their firms with French or Italian brand names. This is why many of the firms that we believe are international brands, are actually Indian brands. Here is the list of few such 10 brands:

  1. Monte Carlo

In 1984, for the evolution of branded garment industry in India, Monte Carlo was established. Monte Carlo since then is one of the leading brands of clothing and fashion in India. Monte Carlo was set up by Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd, the flagship company of Nahar Group, Ludhiana.

brand monte carlo

  1. Peter England

Peter England was started by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is known as one of the largest and fastest growing clothing company in India. The brand is famous for its menswear fashion.

brand peter england

  1. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe again known as the best growing menswear fashion brand in India was actually started by Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. The name of the brand is inspired by the French king ‘Louis Philippe’.

brand louis philippe

  1. Amrut Single Malt

Originated in Karnataka, Amrut Single Malt was created under the name of Amrut Distilleries and is known as the supplier of Indian Made Liquor (IML) in the Defence Market. It is the 3d best single malt in the world. If the European bottled feature is confusing you, you must know that the liquor is brewed and bottled in Bangalore.

brand amrut

  1. Lakmé 

Yes. Lakmé is the country’s first cosmetic brand that introduced make up to Indian women. The name was inspired from French opera Lakmé (a French form of Lakshmi) known for her beauty. It was established in 1952 and is owned by Hindustan Uniliver.

brand lakme

  1. La Opala

India’s #1 tableware brand La Opera was introduced in 1988. It’s headquarter is in Kolkata, India. This French named brand is the leading crockery brand in India.

brand la opala

  1. Flying Machine

Launched in 1980 by Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited, Flying Machine is India’s first homegrown denim brand. It is not just the leader of branded jeans in India, but is also called a cultural youth icon. In 2007, the firm made a tie with Italian designer Chicco to help in reinventing its design.

brand flying machine

  1. Da Milano

The high end leather accessories and home furnishing brand Da Milano is an Italian name firm born from India. The firm is so proud of its products, that it offers a life time service warranty to its customers.

brand da milano

  1. Allen Solly

The premium brand known for its international image is mainly licensed under Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is one of the leading fashion wear and accessories brand in India as well as the international market.

brand allen solly

  1. Chandon Wine

Under the supervision of Moët Hennessy, Chandon, a world-class, premium quality sparkling wine is produced in the Nasik region of India. This is made with the wine making practice of ‘Méthode Traditionnelle’ with the finest local grapes.

brand chandon wine


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