Sunday, August 27th, 2017

10 must have Food when you are at Indore !

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Indorie poha

Indore is a place where variety of food can snatch any ones heart. From morning to night you can explore those exquisite street food which can leave you speechless. Here morning begins with jalebi-poha and night ends with sarafa. Apart from sarafa and 56 dukan let you know, there are some food places whenever you have been there you will fall in love.images (2)

  1. Gathiya Chaat

    Ewe!! Fried gathiya how it could be. Don’t worry it’s like we always wanted “crispy and chatpata”. These people make something out of the box which we have never thought of. This fried gathiya is garnished with tomato and onion slice, eventually is served. This shop opens at 8 p.m. in mallaharganj.


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