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15 Innovations – Salute to the creative SOCH!

15 Innovations – Salute to the creative SOCH!Auto & Technology


Ease, Comfort & flexibility is what human species crave in every single work they do.

 Who doesn’t want to be crackerjack in performing daily work with more of LUXURY?

& indeed given below inventions is something that needs worldwide recognition for the home made projects they created.


UFF, daily struggle of blurring reflection finally comes to an end!
Heat high! Moisture NO! Speciality of this one.


Cutting, pressing through “BELAN” and so many ideas – uff still cannot empty the tube.

This two way tunnel tube will help you squeeze every pinch of paste remaining.


Finally something so comforting for ladies!

This piece of waist doesn’t stick to your belly and works like “Mr. India” i.e. not visible under outfits.

Twinning lamp:

A problem of “light band kar yar / light shuru kar yar” is finally over.

With dual side’s lamp, you can keep one part on & other one off!

Night monkeys can keep enjoying!!

Rest your phone in style:
Technology at its best. Use it the way you want after all construction is adaptable to any situation.

Piggy Bank to Pick now:
Savings with Screening. Oh yes get notified your margin of saving with digital display of saving coin bank & celebrate every moment of target completion.

Folding sunglasses:
Fold it, pack it up and get set go! Low space, high reliability an essential for every outgoing person.


Cascaded Curtains closure:
Curtain layers embrace each other covering the window, DARE IT TO SUNLIGHT – to enter the room and you win!!


 Little Miss. Iron:

Chotusi, Motusi, bahot kaam ki!!

Movable light lamps:
Neon on go…portable, movable, light weighted oh yes carry this magical balls to blink you brighter zone everywhere you go.

Miniature Power Provider:
This little miniature charger, covering the lowest space at home can do wonders for your best friend (mobile).


Illuminated showers:
Its more than just decoration. Hydro powered, temperature indicator which works without backup from batteries or power chargers.

Bed with brain:
A bed which adjust you according to your temperature, warms you suitably & can act as your alarm by waking you up in dawn.


A butterfly keyboard manufactured and modernized with unique arrangements of keys which act as a natural comforting zone for fingers.

Hold, slice & eat:
An easy slicer exclusively for fruits with hair comb alike look is easy, safe & really quick.

So get this one of the innovation now & share you snaps and experience with us!!!!!!!!!!


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