Friday, August 25th, 2017

These 20 Yoga Places Will Surely Amaze You!


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If you also go for a morning walk or run, you may see people in the colony garden practicing yoga. Yoga is the healthiest idea for a wonderful life. People in every part of the world practice yoga and believe in its benefits. But do you know, there are many adventurous places in the world where yoga is perfumed and these places will surely amaze you.

  1. Tree Yoga in Allahabad, India

They say, yoga practice is done better when performed in nature. It’s not so easy to master this style, but this is a surprising tactic of performing yoga. Tree Yoga in Allahabad, India

  1. Suspension Bridge Yoga In Pingjiang County, China

There is a bridge at Shiniuzhai National Geological Park, named as “The Brave Man’s Bridge”. Now why is this bridge called a Brave Man’s Bridge? Because it is actually something only a brave man will plan to walk through. The bridge is suspended between 2 cliffs, almost 600 feet above the ground. Some people are afraid to walk through this bridge, while some are performing yoga on it. Amazing!Mid-Air Yoga In Chongqing, China

  1. Mid-Air Yoga In Chongqing, China

This place is said to be world’s largest glass skywalk that expands 87.5 feet from the cliff and 2,350 feet above the ground. This thrilling place is also one of the most amazing yoga places in the world. China's Longing National Geologic Park

  1. Paddle Board Yoga In Portland, Maine

Have you done paddle boarding before? Then you must know that it requires attention, balance and most importantly strength to stand on board. But people at the Paddle Board Yoga in Portland, do yoga on paddle boards. The place here on the shores of New England Beach is covered with beautiful scenery, the yoga benefits more.Paddle Board Yoga In Portland, Maine

  1. Yoga in The Sky In Louyang, China

Adventure is doing yoga on a height of 6,500 feet from the ground. That’s right, people practice yoga at the Peak of Funiu Mountain in central china. This means one can have a 360 degree view of the valleys and peaks while performing yoga.Yoga in The Sky In Louyang, ChinaTo read more, click next page


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