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Technology, shifting from boon to curse

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We are every well aware of ‘what technology means’ but to those who are still confused, don’t worry I’m gonna tell you. Technology symbolizes advancement of human knowledge and man is considered as the creator. Technology helps you work smoothly and in a faster way, we always try to invent more and more such things that can help us work easily and make our life more comfortable. All such inventions are due to technology and to be very true we are now completely dependent on it for every small thing we do.


We always think technology is a god in today’s world and that’s totally right, but have you ever thought that technology is cursing us in many ways. May be everyone has thought at least once in their life but never tried to help themselves through it. Guys, when every such thing invented to help people was never made with a view that it would be used in such a way that can cause terrible problems to the world. It was us who made it terrible by using technology in such a way that can cause problems. Most of the time we stop giving stress to ourselves and get dependent on technology even for those things which can easily be done by us without the help of technology.

I’m damn sure you can read this article and think of it for a while but guys please try to help yourself. I’m not asking you to help others, I’m just asking you to help yourself. If we’ll help ourselves, it will automatically help the outer world. Their are many issues related to technology, lets have a look at some of technologies and their issues:

1. Mobile:

Smartphones, the most important invention of current era. Any smartphone you use help you connect with people in a very different way. You can get entertained through games, mobile T.V. etc., chatting has become easier, you can even do video calling from anywhere and feel like home. Smartphone were invented to make work and connection easier but such comforts are becoming a big problem today. People are getting addicted to smartphones in a very wrong way which is harming their personal as well as professional life. You may be aware that rays from smartphone causes health issues, mental confusions, vision problem and many more. Use the technology in a way it was invented for instead of using it in a harmful way.

2. Nuclear Power:

The name itself is very scary and gives goose bums all over. May be such goose bums wouldn’t have appeared if the use of such power would be for the protection of the nation but instead of protecting the nation, they use it for threatening other nations. All such powers have become a thing to threaten people instead of protection. Nation uses their power to threaten those countries which are backward and small. It has hampered peaceful living in the world and made people live with terror.

3. Automobiles:

It was invented to ease the life of people and to save time but in the contrary it is constantly becoming the main problem for people. People are becoming dependent on vehicles even they had to travel short distances. Guys stop playing with your life at least. Obesity, ageing etc. are becoming the main issue due to the use of automobiles. People have stop using their feet and are becoming lazy and get tired easily. Its the main problem in current scenario.

4. Social Networking:

One of the strongest way to connect with people to is through social sites. We can easily talk to people who are distant from us and can easily feel like we are together. But people are addictive to it that they even forget to talk to those people who are around them for those who are far from them. They are using their fingers on mobile and causing problems to them. Night chatting, calling severely cause health issues, like, vision problem, hearing issues etc.

Above are the few top issues that shows the negative effect of technology, but there are many more severe issues that need to be fixed to make lives worth living and happy and this can be done by make the correct use of technology instead of using it in a harmful manner.


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