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5 foods that lower your cholestrol

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Most of us try to keep our cholesterol level under control, and having the proper diet can help with such a thing for sure. A good idea in this regard is to opt for a healthy diet that has low saturated fats as this is very important if you want to lower your cholesterol level. Try and get these foods into your daily diet.

1. Vegetables and Fruits

Lower Cholesterol,Five food,Beneficial effects,Body,health

Lower Cholesterol,Five food,Beneficial effects,Body,health

Both fruit and vegetables have low amounts of saturated fat so eating more of them will help you maintain a low cholesterol level, not to mention that these offer a major source of soluble fibre and so help to fill you up. It’s a very good idea to include at least a single pulse of lentils, peas or beans on a daily basis since this can be very beneficial to your health. You can find some great sources of soluble fibres in prunes, strawberries as well as apples, broccoli and aubergine.

2. Nuts

Lower Cholesterol,Five food,Beneficial effects,Body,health

Lower Cholesterol,Five food,Beneficial effects,Body,health

Nuts are filled with vitamin E, magnesium, natural plant sterols as well as potassium that are great for your heart. With just 35g per day you can lower your cholesterol level by around 5% – just avoid the salted ones!

3. Beans

Red bean and green bean in heart shape

The great thing about beans is that they are filled with soluble fibre. Moreover, they take quite a lot of time to digest, so you will always feel full after eating them. There are multiple types of beans out there, from black-eyed peas to kidney beans, garbanzos to lentils, and all of these can be a very powerful food all around.

4. Avocado


Avocados offer a multitude of monounsaturated fatty acids as well as important nutrients. Adding them as part of your diet can improve your LDL levels(Lower Bad cholesterol), a great thing for everybody who is obese! Most of us know avocado from guacamole which is included in the corn chips filled with fat. A good idea here is to add in some avocado slices in salads or you can combine guacamole with cucumber slices.

5. Barley and Oats

barley and oats

Both of them are filled with beta glucan which is a soluble fibre. After you eat this it will form a gel that will maintain cholesterol bound to the intestines so it will not be absorbed. You should intake at least 3g of beta glucan on a daily basis.

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