Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

5 Harmful Office Habits You Need To Give Up Now



We all have some or the other bad habits, and it is very difficult to give them up but it is necessary as they destroy your personality. An office is meant to be a cooperative space where employees work together to achieve their goals. But sometimes our habits make us a point of discussion. So today here are 5 harmful habits that we definitely you need to kick immediately

Credit taker

scredit taker

Yes you are not the only one handling all the things in the office though you may be the leader of a project ,so from now stop giving credit to yourself for each of the good happenings , and start using words like ‘we’ instead of ‘I’.



Gossiping is not only for the women even men are found doing that. Getting to know a juicy titbit about a co-worker can be tempting, but it’s necessary to resist doing so and break the habit. Because trust me you don’t want to be called as the gossip king and queen of your office.


businesswoman applying make-up

Its ok you take care of your looks even in office but looking in the mirror every next second is just so annoying. Doing this sends the message that you do not respect your work and your workspace. You will not be taken seriously if you are forever straightening your tie and brushing your hair. So now onwards just stop doing that.

Saying ‘yes’ to everything

saying yes to every thing

Everyone has his or her own personality so, just stop saying yes to everything in the office, and stop doing things that you don’t like and you don’t think are it is a fact that  you will be answerable to higher-ups and will have to follow a certain chain of command but at least just put  your opinion .

Over sharing

over sharing

It’s a good thing that you have friends in very office and share a good bonding, but sharing about every tiny detail of your personal life like how you had a fight with your spouse that morning or the complaints you received from your child’s school teacher is just not expected.


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