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5 Longest Flights In The World



Travelling is tough and it becomes more of a problem when you are boarding on one of the longest flight in the world. Imagine spending 14 to 15 hours sitting on one place well I know they do provide facilities to s, but still it is difficult. So if you are planning for a trip this new year than here we present you 5 of world’s longest flights in case you want to fry.

5. Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles


Boeing 777-200 aircraft covers 8,387 miles in over 15 hours, 39 minutes  and I wonder I  if this flight had existed in the ’80s, it would have been way easier for Garfield to get Nermal out of the house.

4. Delta form Johannesburg to Atlanta


This Delta flight covers about 13,582km miles in just over 16 hours, 40 minutes. While it’s the same plane as the one used for Emirates Auckland-Dubai route, Delta’s version doesn’t offer the same amenities.

3. Qantas from Dallas to Sydney


Travellers on this Qantas one-way endure an approximately 8,577-mile trip that lasts 16 hours. Now that  is what we call a redeye.

2.Emirates from Auckland to Dubai


This Emirates flight covers about 8,820 miles in just over 17 hours in a Boeing 777 purposefully built for ultra long-haul flights.

1. Air India from Delhi to San Francisco


This fall, Air India changed the route for this flight from Atlantic to Pacific to make it the longest in the world by distance (it was previously second). Though the new Pacific route is 870 miles longer, it saves time and fuel because of tailwinds. Currently, the flight covers about 9,400 miles in approximately 14.5 hours.


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