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Here Are 5 Makeup Hacks to Ease Your Day


5 Makeup Hacks to Ease Your Day

Beginner, working women, or just a teenager, makeup is for everyone and so are makeup hacks. Every lady needs to know how to get their makeup ‘still’. It may be keeping the lipstick smudge free, or getting a perfect eyeliner wing, here are hacks by beauty blogger Natassha Patel, every girl out there must know.

  1. How to get a smudge-free lipstick?

It’s embarrassing when after taking a sip from coffee; you can see your, lip mark over it. Using fingers or tissues to clear a lipstick mark is also weird. Isn’t it? So what you can do is, get a tissue, put it over your dark lipstick and apply a translucent powder over it. This will lock your lipstick and save you from a smudged lipstick moment.

  1. Tired of trying to get a perfect wing?

Now getting a perfect wing of your eyeliner is super easy. Get any business card or a tissue or sticky notes with you? Use them. Put the straight thing on your eye, trace the liner over it and surprise, here you are with a perfect fashionable wing eyeliner.

  1. This will enhance your eye shadow…

Looking for how to get intensified eye shadows? Just apply white eyeliner before applying eye shadow over the eyelids. This will enhance your eye shadows. No need of applying darker and darker layers of shadow.

  1. It’s easy to get a perfect hair line

Don’t want your bald spots to be visible while making a ponytail? Try a black eye shadow with a fluffy brush. Apply it over the places you need the most. This will cover the bald spots and give a perfect hair line to your face.

  1. A curdy mascara is not a problem anymore

Does your sister leave the cap of the mascara loose? It’s ok.  If your mascara is getting a lil bit curdy, just use a bowl of hot water; keep the mascara dipped in it for like 5 minutes. And, whoosh, your mascara is back as new.


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