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5 signs that indicates you are born for engineering


Engineering is the highest rated profession in India. Every parents dream their son and eventually now a days daughters too to crack IIT JEE entrance exam and become an engineer if you opted science and maths as Higher secondary studies. There are hundreds of coaching’s and tuitions centre endorsing their ex-students achievements who made into IIT. JEE is considered as the toughest exam and the student who crack it are the pride of their parents. In this era of high competition and potential of invading new doors of career pioneering something of your own dream, it is very hard time for students to take decision about their future. It is a fix which is unanswerable! Whether to abide your parents words and have faith in their plans for you or make your own path for your dreams? So, check this out and decide whether it is you who really wanted to be an engineer or it is just your parents?

Passion for machines

Engineers are creators, they play with machine, eats the formula and outlive the scientific theories. So, if you really hold passion for the art of science and magic of physics and if you can enjoy chemistry and dance with the rhythm of maths. Then yeah, there you go!

Science was your favourite

No matter be it earlier primary school days or high school Science was your favourite subject. To more fun, when all your classmates were fearing off the maths it was your left hand game to solve the toughest equation. Now admit that your friends envy you and girls were impressed with your skills!


Einstein, Newton and C V Raman are your idol!

You friend may follow the superstars Shahrukh, Salman and Bollywood hero and some are die hard fans of our talented cricket star and sports man. But you were always fantasied by the brain heroes like Einstein and Newton who changed the equation of the whole world by their theories and explored universe beyond human race limit with their extremely great and priceless contributions in Physics. You don’t get sleep wondering what next you can do for science!

You own a small lab of your own!

Dexter was your one of the favourite cartoon show in childhood and you made sure you never missed its episode. You don’t have to learn theories as you practically understand them. It is really very easy affair for you, where as yours all friends are afraid of exams. Apart from this you always heard a lot from your mom against your experiments. You didn’t spared any of your electronic toys or any electric appliances you got a hold on! You were a naughty one, isn’t?

Lastly, it is your choice to be an Engineer!

It is really important to choose a career you really want to do with your core of heart. May be initially your parents are not in support but believe us with time they will understand. If even after watching 3 idiots! You can stand by your decision of being an Engineer than yes, you were meant to be one! Remember big things takes TIME!

Neha Sinha

– Neha Sinha
Young Writer


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