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5 Tips To Get More Followers On Instagram…


Tips To Get More Followers On InstagramThe popular photo sharing app, Instagram has transformed its importance than just a social media account. According to internet live stats, 792 Instagram photos are uploaded in 1 second. In each of this, how can you get people attracted to your profile and get them click the follow button? Here are 5 essential tips that can help you increase your followers on Instagram:

  1. Instagram Theme

Stick to your subject. Posting randomly about different things will make your profile a hotchpotch place to visit. But instead of this, if you will post pictures of the same interest, hobby or location, visitors will understand what your feed is about and will follow you.  Try to keep your posts linked to one another; again random pictures will divert your profile visitors to someone who is more consistent about their interests.

  1. Your Username And Bio

No one is interested in reading your whole life story in bio, keep it short and try to sum up what your account is all about. Adding a keyword in your Instagram username can also help your name to appear in search results.  Bio and username both are your first impression to the visitor and that is why he/she must understand what you’re promoting just by reading the bio and username.

  1. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is another way of getting people attracted to your pictures. Rather than using random hashtags, one must use the hashtags that Instagram suggests and those which are trending. This will show your pictures in search results of a particular topic.

  1. Try Tagging

Tagging doesn’t mean that you tag a celebrity in food picture because it won’t make any difference. Try tagging the audience that you believe will take interest in your posts. You can also tag the location. Tagging location will let your post appear when someone will search for pictures of that location.

  1. The Easiest Way

The easiest way of getting people visit your profile is following them, liking three of their picture and commenting on one of them. This will encourage the person to visit your profile and hopefully follow you. Do this with your competitors, their fans will love to follow a similar interest profile.


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