Thursday, August 31st, 2017

7 Must have items for a girl’s bag


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Being girl is not easy. You have to take care of many things and you need to be careful and ready for any challenge next in your face. You can be partying out and who knows your period pops in like a horror scary dream or maybe you are walking back to your office to home and you have to fight off some loony goons safeguarding yourself from their lusty eyes and notorious comments. Or maybe you need to rush for an unplanned reunion? What can one do at such occasions? Do not worry, girls are smart enough to carry all around the solution of every single problem.

A girl’s handbag is her rescue to almost her every problem. Ever heard that it is rude to look into a lady’s purse? It is because men will die in confusion seeing all those stuff overloaded in our handbags. Here, comes the seven most important stuff every girl should carry in her bag.

 1. your identity card


Aadhar card, Driving license, Voter ID…any one of them. Do always carry them with you. It will be really helpful and will save you from any sort of hindrance. Make sure you do not forget your DL while going for a long drive. *wink*

2. Phone, Charger, Ear phones…..

Phone – Check, Charger- check, Ear Phone- oh my god, Check…How any girl can manage without talking and music.

3. Some Cash and change…

We know it is very easy to swipe your cards at the billing counter but believe me it will be smart if you carry some change and cash money. The auto rickshaw wala will not accept your cards.

4. Have your rescue for those girly problem

Always carry extra tampons and pads in your bags. Believe us you don’t want running into strangers asking their help you out with your surprise period.

5. Your mini Make Up Kit

You can need touch up anywhere…a girl’s bag is incomplete without the lipsticks, compact, tissues, eye liner, kajal and do I missed anything?

6. Pepper Spray, Razor and Knife…

Your safety is in your hands…it is always necessary to have Pepper spray, razors and knifes with you to deal with stupid loony leach and cut them into their size.

7. Those little extra things…

Sunglasses, Umbrella, hand sanitizer, note book, pen, chocolates, suns cream, hair pins, rubber, nail paint, nail cutter, filer…….. This list is non ending.


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