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7 Reasons To Date A Bimbo


Alia Bhatt bimbo

Every boy today desires to have a beautiful girlfriend but beautiful girls wisely choose their partners to date. Once you get a beautiful girlfriend then it is really very tough to stay in a relationship for longer time as she would definitely have long lists of demands to full fill. Mostly beautiful girls are intelligent by birth but still some girls are dumb enough to be a bimbo. The word bimbo means a dumb and beautiful girl or in other words a combination of beauty with empty head.  So, everyone would love to date a girl with her stunning looks and empty head at the same time. Here I bring you some reasons for dating a bimbo.

# Stunning Looks

bimbo 2

Her stunning looks is obviously a great reason to date a bimbo. As it is our first priority and each of us desires to date a girl with her splendid looks. All bimbo’s are gorgeous so, it would turn out as a plus factor to date. All you have to do is to search a bimbo among beautiful.

# Can be Easily manipulated

nimbo 3

This would turn into a power for you as all bimbos are empty headed so it is very easy to manipulate them and avoid fights and arguments. Bimbos are easily convincible so you can convince them for anything and can also manipulate them if the mistake is even youys.

# Will Be After You For True Love

nimbo with nerd

As Bimbo doesn’t use their brain and in place of using their brain they prefer to use their heart so, they easily fall in love and get ready to do anything for their partner. Unlike other girls they never date you for money but would desire true love in return.

# Very Less Chances Of Arguments And Fights

convince a girl

If you are dating bimbo then it won’t lead your relationship to fights and arguments because they do not remember the reason they were arguing and a long argument would sum up in couple of minutes. All that they want is someone to give them good compliments.

# Treat You like God

treat you like god

As the upper part of brain is vacant so, they don’t think that much and easily trust on anyone and shares everything. Once you win the trust of anyone then it would be like getting special preferences and treatment. Same goes with bimbo, she will treat you like god and would listen you. In any of her problem, she would prefer to take your advice first and that would make you feel special.

# No Such Special Demands

special demands

Bimbos are fond of fashion and good compliments so, it would very easy for you to impress her. Giving some new dresses and make up kit in present would make her happy like hell. They don’t demand you for anything special but will get satisfied with little things. So, it is one the most important benefit to get into a relationship, where demands will be less in spite of love. You don’t need to devote all yourself to make her happy.

# Will Not Ask You About Your Older Relationships

couple 2

Asking about your previous life or about your older relationships is something that men usually hesitate to answer and mostly avoids the conversation. But at the same place girls are much more curious to know their partner’s previous life and relationships. But if you date a bimbo then you don’t need to answer all these questions as bimbos don’t have that much brain. All they believe in is living the present moments.


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