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8 Awesome Reasons Why it is Best to Marry a Lucknow Guy


10 Awesome Reasons why it is best to marry a Lucknow Guy

Luchnow is one of the most beautiful city in India and its people are more beautiful than the city. From its food to its people everything is just so amazing and so perfect. So I thought why not to make a story on its boys who are quite nice and humble, personal experience as a got a friend from there. So here I am presenting ten awesome reasons for all you girls out there why it is best to marry a Lucknow boy.



Yes this is something that really makes me feel happy and attracted towards Lucknow guys. “Aap” and “Hum” don’t you want to hear these beautiful words again and again from your partner, yes then go and find one from the same.

Poetry (Shayari)


“Mohabbat Kisi Aise Shakhs Ki Talaash Nahi Karti Jiske Saath Raha Jaye,

Mohabbat To Aise Shakhs Ki Talaash Karti Hai Jiske Baghair Naa Raha Jaye”

Agree, so if you have a Lucknow  boy as a partner then trust me he will be pampering you ,proposing you, apologizing you in the best possible way  and yes like a shaayar which is so romantic girls.


The perfect mix of Hindi and Urdu, girls is something to fall for. And trust me you will be always on the listening side rather than continuously talking like other married women and not letting your husband speak.

“Chickan ka kurta”

chikar ka kurta

This is something you will not have to keep asking your husband for. He himself will be bringing a Chickan ka kurta for you once in a moth or may be every day.

 Art lover


It’s in the blood of Lucknowites to appreciate and love artistic things, and this is why the culture and traditions of Lucknow are so famous. So girls you don’t need to tell him every time to complement  you when you are looking good as they very well know how to value good things.



The Nawab and kabaar this is that Luckhnow is famous for right, without any doubt he will be a foddy and one more thing Lucknow people are quite particular about food and specially their home food.


 He will always take you to Hazratganj and other markets for shopping, whenever you wish like. Definitely, you’ll become Shopaholic, even if you



Finally, just to let you know – Accepting a Lucknow guy as your better-half will make you a Begum, because they are the true nawab’s by heart

Arz kiya hai Lucknow kai lia ….. 

“kucch toh mohabbat mer eshehar main rehti hai

aise hi ise nazakat ka shehar nahin kaha jaata

kucch toh izzat bashindon k dilon main rehti hai

isliye ise tehzeeb ka nagar hai kaha jaata

hai chand chhone kii khwahish , apne tareeke se

yoonhi nawabon ka shehar nahin kaha jaata

rehta hai yahan ‘Saahil’ yaadon main “noor’ aur’begum akhtar’ kii

log yoon hi nahin kehte shayr yahan ka har bachcha hota hai”



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