Thursday, August 10th, 2017

8 Famous Sportsmen Who Got Arrested on Criminal Charges


messi_Fotor_CollageRecently two of the biggest spots players in the world Lionel Messi and Oscar Pistorius were sentenced to jail for specific reasons. This is one of the black day in sports history, but this is not the first time the sports starts have faced this previously also many players faced  charged and got arrested so here are some of them.

Diego MaradonaDiego Maradona A man who described soccer, and he was known as  soul architect of the goal, but In 1994, Maradona pulled out a gun to shoot the photographers and journalists outside his country home. An incident which didn’t go well with many in the football loving South American nation. And then the results came as a prison time of two years and ten months for his outrageous actions.

Maria sharapovamaria sharapova jailed The Russian beauty was banned from tennis for two years due to the fact that she was test positive for drugs at the starting of the first grand slam of the Australian open in 2016, and now she is spending her time at the Harvard  business school in us getting some course.

Floyd MayweathervOne of the richest athletes in the world Floyd Mayweather got sentenced for 90 days in prison and the reason was domestic violence. He suffered from depression and launched in diatribes against the duty officers on various occasions during his time in jail.

Eric CantonaEric CantonaHis famous Kung Fu kick which he launched on a member of crowd earned him 2 weeks in prison- a punishment which later got transmuted into 120 hours of community service. Seems like money cannot put humbleness and respect.

Muhammad AsifMuhammad Asif

Crickets asif was arrested for for carrying drugs across international borders, got deported from a Gulf Country, entered into a public altercation with a famous model of Pakistan, managed to get himself suspended for testing positive in a dope test and after achieving all this his ravenous appetite for criminal activities led him to spot fixing, all this should give him the name of controversial king of cricket.

Jan MolbyLiverpool's Jan Molby scores the opening goal from the penalty spot

In 1988, Jan had to do three months in jail for dangerous driving. Liverpool stuck with him even after this incident and he stayed at the club for the next 8 years. Campared to others it’s a less of crime right .

Muhammad AamirMuhammad Amir jailed

Aamir was one of three accused in the infamous spot fixing scandal of 2010. Aamir was banned from playing International Cricket for five years and was handed a prison time of 6 months which, because of his tender, age he served in a rehabilitation center in UK.

S SreesanthS Sreesanth jailed

Sreesanth, along with his two Rajhistan Royals team mates, was arrested on charges of spot fixing and remained in prison for 3 months before getting out on bail. Since then Sreesanth has been banned from playing IPL.



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