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9 Mobile Phones With “Unique” Designs

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In modern world smart phones are not just extremely powerful but also have attractive and unique designs. Smart phones like iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 edge, LG V20, HTC10 and OnePlus3 have really nice looks. Now a days all the smartphones mostly have a rectangular baseline but some mobile phones manufacturers had made mobile devices with a lot of funky and offbeat looking designs in the past decade.

Here are 9 uncommon designed mobile phones from the past years.


Samsung NPH-N270 was launched in 2003 specifically for the Matrix movie franchise. The most extraordinary feature of the phone was the sring loaded earpiece. It preloaded with Matrix- themed wallpapers, screensavers and ringtones. Samsung NPH-N270 mobile phone had a 128*160 pixel resolution LCD display with a 1,000mAh battery.

nokia 7600

Nokia 7600 was a weird shaped mobile phone launched in 2003. It had a 2 inch display of 128*160 pixel resolution with numeric keypad and 850mAh battery. The phone included downloadable polyphonic ringtones and JAVA games.


Toshiba G450, a cool-looking mobile phone launched by Japan based Toshiba company. It had a three disc design, while the top disc consisted of 96*39 pixel monochrome display, the middle and bottom disc had equally distributed number keys. The phone could be used as a modem and a USB device.


Vertu Signature Cobra was established by Nokia in 2006 was a quite well known expensive mobile phone because of the premium material. This unusual phone had a Cobra like shape and decorated with diamonds. There were two emeralds in Cobra’s eyes and covered with over 400 rubies. The cost of the phone was $300,000.


Seimens Xelibri 6 was a flip-style mobile phone launched in 2003 especially for women; the phone came with two makeup mirrors with a round keypad. It had a 101*80 pixel resolution FSTN display, along with a removable li-ion battery.

samsung sererene

Samsung Serene could be considered as the most uncommon mobile launched in 2005 by South Korean tech titan. The design of the phone is like a jewellery box developed by Bang & Olufsen. With  a circular shaped numeric keys, Serene had a side mounted camera and required a screwdriver for SIM insertion. This feature phone came with a display of 320*240 pixel resolution, VGA camera and a removable 800mAh battery.


Nokia 7280 was another Nokia mobile phone launched in 2004. It was targeted at fashion lovers. It had a VGA camera with 50MB internal memory and 700mAh battery. The phone had no number keys and also no touchscreen. The phone depended on a navigation wheel for text input, menu selection and everything.


LG BL40 New Chocolate was launched in 2009 having a long 4.01-inch touch screen with 21:9 ratio and a long bar looking like a chocolate. LG BL40 included with 1.1GB of internal storage and 1000mAh battery. The phone had 5MP autofocus rear camera with Schneider-Kreuznach optics.


Blackberry Passport is a square passport design mobile phone with a 4.5-inch square IPS LCD display of 1440*1440 pixel resolution and Blackberry’s legendary QWERTY keyboard. The phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 Soc with 3GB RAM. This smartphone can still be purchased today.






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