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9 signs that Your Mother is super cool !


super cool mom

Mother! The most special relation in this entire universe. She is the person who brings you in this world and showers on you her love and blessings day and night. There is no one who can replace her in our lives. She is our best friend in real terms. She helps us to sort our problems, cares for us and also readily participates in our antics. It is so good being around her.

This post is especially dedicated to our Mothers. It is the toughest job in the world. Make sure you make your mother read this article and say thanks to her. Why wait for Mother’s day, make every single day special for her. She is beautiful, she is smart and she is super cool! Your Mom is the best Mom in the world. Here are the 9 signs that show you that you are blessed with the most beautiful gift of the world.

 1. She is super cool

Your Mom is the best Mom. She is trendy, modern and super cool and you love her more than anything. The new age mom chats with you online, she is technology friendly, she is more like a friend rather than those typical mommys.

2. You can share anything with your Mom

You know your mom is quite cool and fun loving. She won’t mind you having fun with your friends. So, you do not need to be afraid of her rather you both have a gala time sharing funny stories. You can talk about your crush, your boyfriends or your some big dark secret and she will not spill the bean.

 3. No wonders, she allows you and your friends to party at your home

Well, she knows this is the time to have fun and make memories. What is more fun part that she readily joins you guys in dance and music. You friends find this amazing and they too love your mother and her company. They are secretly jealous of you.

 4. She cooks world’s best food for you

No matter how much you eat pizza and pasta but handmade food cooked by your mother. If you have ever lived in hostel and pg’s you will get what I am talking about. Home cooked food is heaven. The food, its aroma and the love of your mother will water your mouth every time you think about it.

 5. She always motivates you to believe in your dreams

She always motivates you to believe in yourself and in your dreams. She tells you to run behind your dreams and never let them go. She will always help you to find your path and she will lead you on every rocky path in your life. She will always have faith in you and she will be always there for you.

 6. Mom is the rescue to your every problem

She saves you from getting scolded from you Dad. You are not getting you books, your pen, you clothes? Mom is the only rescue. No matter how wrong you did, she will forgive you, she will embrace your mistakes and she will support you till the end. She is your saviour and she will love you till eternity.

 7. She understands you and your decisions

When no one understands you, she understands you condition and problem what you are going through. She tries her best to save you from every problem which comes your way. When world will show you down and no one will understand, your mother will be the solid pillar of faith which will help you to believe in yourself.

 8. She stands with you in the worst phases of your life

When everyone has left you to be alone, she stands beside you. She is the only person who selflessly cares for you and she will never leave you in any case. No one can love you like your mother.

 9. She loves you and you too love her

She means world to you. And you are her world. She has brought you in this world, she has given you this life. Just go to her, hug her and thanks her for everything she has done for you. Let her know how much you love her.

Go now and tell her…

I love you MOM!

Writer – Neha Sinha


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