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A T.V. Hottie Disguises In A Turban Look: Pehchan Kaun?

A T.V. Hottie Disguises In A Turban Look: Pehchan Kaun?Entertainment


There have been a number of television moments where the audiences are forced to wonder just how these actors pull of certain looks. Being part of showbiz, it is not unexpected for TV actors to change looks as per the character demand but when the character itself takes on a number of avatars, audiences left stunned. Here is a look at one the famous television star. Lets see if you can guess.. Lets give you some hints..

She starred in the famous daily soap ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ and is currently working in a web series ‘Geheraiyaan’. Still if you couldn’t make it here the answer. Yeah she’s none other than Sanjeeda Sheikh. Recently she posted a selfie on her instagram account spotting a turban look.


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