Thursday, September 21st, 2017 19:30:24

After Bare Butt, Now Half Jeans Is Trending On Instagram


After Bare Butt, Now Half Jeans Is Trending On InstagramCan you believe it? like earlier, it was just Bare Butt Jeans by Kylie Jenner being a question mark reaction to fashion trend, but now there is another things rolling on Instagram, i.e. a half jeans- a pair of pants with one leg in and one leg out. Like seriously?

The singer and actress Ryan Destiny from Fox’s Star posted her picture on Instagram wearing her half jeans in front of a helicopter with caption, “Who’s wit me? #Adventures.”

half jeans half jeans fashion half jeans trend

Earlier, Kylie Jenner, an American reality television personality, model, actress, entrepreneur, socialite, and social media personality posted a picture of her back featuring her bare butt jeans ripped at the bottom of her butt.kylie jenner kylie jenner bare butt jeans

Kendall Jenner was also snapped wearing her pair of jeans with no leg material, yet still was called a jeans.kendall jenner kendal jenner jeans


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