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The Best Football Academies in India

The Best Football Academies in IndiaSports


The best football academies in India to learn football at junior level and start career in national and international level are PIFA (Premier Indian Football Academy), TFA (Tata Football Academy) and BBFS (Baichung Bhutia Football School). Apart from these  there is an academy at Pune, the much infamous football training institutes in West Bengal, the Kingfisher Eastbengal club and Mohunbagan academy fc. Still the honor and weight age lies with the three academies chiefly.

PIFA  which is located at Colaba Mumbai also is popularly known as Colaba football club has set up its objectives in order to improve the standards of Indian football by exposing the children to the latest training methods, to produce technically excellent and innovative players with exceptional decision making skills, to train, develop, qualify and support more innovative coaches, who are excellent teachers of the game; to build a national club team and to develop world class facilities. PIFA was established in 2002 by Nirvan and Anjali shah both of whom were well known figures in Maharashtra as Mr. Shah is a prominent figure in Mumbai’s football community and Mrs. shah was the chairperson for Women’s football in Maharashtra. They were instrumental in setting this academy with a clear vision taking football to newer heights both at the national and international level and that boys at an young age should start their training and eventually take football as a career. PIFA  not only boasts of world class facilities and training standards at the academy but also have affiliations of elite football clubs like FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Asroma, Liverpool to name a few where they exchange coaching techniques, fitness regime to give the trainees more international exposure. The training in PIFA starts from toddlers at age five onwards upto seventeen. The academy also conducts leagues and the champion team is taken for European tour to give them the best of international exposure.

Tata Football Academy (TFA) in Jamshedhpur is the oldest football academy of India which was the brainchild of the great Sir JRD TATA who had conceptualized about this with a vision to promote football in India. Over the years TFA has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1987 and produced 130 players who have represented the national team like C.A. Chapman, Renedy Singh, Subhod Kumar, Jagdeep Singh to name a few. The training at TFA is very professionally managed which starts of with a tough selection procedure, where aspirants from all over India gathers at the academy and has to go through certain parameters including height and endurance skills as well as their medical fitness. The training at TFA is done on certain parameters which ensures the cadets get the best out of it, like physiological, technical, tactical basis also special care is taken on the nutrition as cadets are provided with high calorie foods that matches their need. The  best players are sent to Sheffield club of UK to have more international exposure.

BBFS or Baichung Bhutia football school is an exciting football initiative by India’s longest serving football captain Baichung Bhutia. BBFS currently offers football coaching through 23 training centres all over India with a goal to provide world class football coaching. BBFS has previously engaged the services of internationally acclaimed European academies to formulate the coaching method and train the coaches. Previously Scottish football coach Steve Greive mentored BBFS coaches to share knowledge which is an integral value of BBFS. It is the only coaching academy to have its own coaches education programme. BBFS primarily cater for children in the age group of 5-17 years and was also rated highest by AIFF for the technical curriculum and coaching staff.


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