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Beware! Do not Consume These 5 Foods During Depression

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Junk Foods are everybody’s delight and today’s youngsters consume it in their daily routine. But too much of some of this stuff and you may become unlikeable, to yourself and to everyone around you. A mound of research shows that what we consume goes right to our limbic systems, the emotional headquarters of our body. If we feed it crap, we will feel like crap. If we treat it like the Cadillac we borrowed for the night, it will return the kindness.

Here are five foods to try to avoid especially if you’re suffering from depression.

1.) Coffee And Other Caffeinated Drinks


Coffee can be good for us, but it’s also been well documented that caffeine can increase anxiety. I’m sure this isn’t news to you, because you’ve probably experienced coffee-induced jitters before — but I’m going to cover it anyway. If you suffer from anxiety, too much coffee will absolutely make your anxiety worse. Although drinking coffee in moderation probably won’t cause you to have an anxiety attack, it’s important to limit your caffeine intake as much as possible.

2.) Hot Dogs And Other Processed Foods


OK, so I think we all know that hot dogs aren’t the healthiest foods out there. I mean, what are they really made of even? That said, beyond their questionable status as America’s favorite mystery meat, hot dogs — and all processed meat for that matter — have been shown to contribute to depression (not to mention, cancer). So, if you’re at a ball game and you really want a hot dog, that’s probably fine. Keep your processed foods to a minimum, though, or your mental health will suffer.

3.) Candy


While sugar highs might relieve your depression temporarily, the impending sugar crash that comes after eating a bunch of candy will leave you feeling way worse than before. In fact, Psych Central reports that consuming refined sugars puts you at greater risk for depression. On top of that, “sugar hangovers” have been linked to energy depletion, too. So, as delicious as they are, try to take it easy on the Sour Straws.

4.) Hydrogenated Oils


If you’re fighting depression, you need to stay away from fried mozzarella sticks, French fries, and anything else that’s been fried in hydrogenated oils. You also need to avoid saturated fats. The things is, hydrogenated oils and saturated fats can clog you arteries and limit blood flow to the brain. Not only is this terrifying for your health in general, it’s really bad for your mental health. You need optimum blood flow to your brain to fight depression, so avoiding foods that could hinder blood flow is crucial.

5.) Alcohol


Though you might be tempted to drink a glass of wine or two to get through your nerves, alcohol may actually worsen your mood and contribute to your anxiety, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Symptoms can worsen if you are experiencing any sort of withdrawal, and alcohol also has an effect on your nervous system, including increasing your heart rate.




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