Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Care in Crisis, an inspiring story of a young girl feeding stray animals in Darjeeling



Strikes on, shops, markets, hotels everything is closed. With the limited stock in place people are rather concern about their own food but a group of youth with Paruka Chhetri is their leader is on a special mission to feed the stray dogs, cats, birds and even monkeys.

The demand for separate state of Gorkhaland forced the shut down of the North Bengal hills including the beautiful Darjeeling town, though for human being it is not much difficult to have their food ready, but who care for the other living beings outside on the streets. It is now Paruka and her team of young turks who are now on a special mission to care and feed the stray animals.

While speaking to Youthens Paruka said “earlier this animals, use to feed themselves on the leftovers from hotels and other eating outlets, now as all are closed because of strike, it has become very difficult to find food, many of the stray dogs have died out of starvations”.

Seeing the plight, animal lover Paruka Chhetri couldn’t just sit and watch them die in front of her eyes. She called up her friends and went to Siliguri and brings back Rice, Flour and Biscuits with the mission to feed these animals. Now every morning Parukha and her friends use to cook food and distribute the food to every corner were the animals are seen and found, to ensure they feed well so that they cannot die out of starvation.

Regular feeding involves a lot of cost and with markets are closed the price of essential commodities are soaring high. The thought how long she can continue this mission, with limited money from her own pocket. Though some of her friends are also helping her in this initiative. But the cash is running out and she is in need of support to continue with this good work.

Though she runs a Facebook Page Team WOOFF (World of Our Furry Friends), with a community of around 7000 members but the strike and Internet withdrawn in the hill town has barred them from raising funds from the social media too.Those interested in helping them can reach in this number 9735752487.

The love for animals came natural to Paruka who had grown seeing her grandmother and father feeding dogs and other stray animals and birds and she wants to continue this task in a more organised way in future.

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