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Celebrities and Their Rare Love for Pets – Have a Look

Celebrities and Their Rare Love for Pets – Have a LookPhoto & Video


There are many stars in the Hollywood as well as in the Bollywood who own unique animals. Even many of the celebrities have paid fine regarding such things, but still, they try to have a unique pet animal. Who can forgot the famous rock-star Justin Bieber and his monkey OG Mally, after the German customs officials seized the Mally because of the insufficient paperwork, Bieber has to leave his Mally in the German Zoo.

Here Is the List of Some Famous Celebrities With Their Unique Pets.

1.Shahrukh Khan :

The 49-year-old actor has 4 pets named Dash (Japanese Chin), Hulk (Labrador), Kai and juicy (Maltese). He once said in an interview, that he loved his dogs so much that he prefers to talk to them instead of humans whenever he feels depressed.

2.Justin Bieber :

Bieber owns a Capuchin monkey, which he got as an unexpected gift from one of the family friend. Capuchin monkey can be found in South America with 9 different species that inhabit tropical rainforest, dry forest, and mangroves. Back in 2013 when Justin traveled to German, the German customs officials seized the monkey because of the paperwork. The authorities gave Justin time till may 7 of 2013 to provide paperwork, but he couldn’t come forward with the documents.

3.Mike Tyson :

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson bought three Bengal tigers at $210,000, each of which cost $70,000. Tyson spends additional $2000,000 in food, that like $1500 a day, he also hired an animal trainer for a year at the cost of $125,000. As Bengal tigers are an endangered species it cost $4000 per month to Tyson to keep them in his home. He later sold one of the Tiger to a Tattoo artist in Indiana.

4.Salman Khan :

Salman Khan owned two French Mastiffs, named Myson and Myjaan, he also got a Labrador Retriever called Mowgli, and a St Bernard named Saint. One of the French Mastiff Myson fall ill in 2009 and later died the same year, it has been said that the debut production of Salman Khan, Chillar party was a tribute to his late pets. He later donated the photo of him and Myson to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

5.Amitabh Bachchan:

Big B has a Piranha Dane named as Shanouk. The Piranha Dane is one of the tallest bride in the world (now that was something suits Big B), he posted many photos on the social media with his dog, even had the photo shoot for him to make him happy. Mr. Bachchan shared one incident about the dog that he was so jealous when everyone started giving attention to his granddaughter Aaradhya.

6.Michael Jackson :

The king of pop owned a pet Chimpanzee named Bubbles, he used to take him to many TV appearances and mostly in the world tour of “bad” in the 1980s, and ever drank tea with the Mayor of Osaka, Japan. The bubble now lives happily at The Center Apes, an animal sanctuary in Wauchula, Florida.

7.Leonardo DiCaprio :

The Inception actor bought an African spurred tortoises for $400. The African spurred tortoises can live up to 200 years when bought the tortoise was 45-lb (7-year-old) and can get as large as 180lbs. DiCaprio showed his interest in buying a lion before but he surprised ever one by buying an African spurred tortoise.


The famous rapper Tyga used to own a tiger named as Maverick, he used to show it off on his social media. He later faced potential criminal charges for owning the exotic animal, he refused to pay fines and the Tiger was sent back to a non-profit rescue group in Southern California.

9.Kristen Stewart :

The famous “Twilight” actress is very fond of wolfs she even have four wolf-hybrids named Jack, Lily, Tommy, and Lola. She told in an interview that “they are not pets; they’re more like companions, they’re loyal, they’re big, they’re completely socialized, they’re licensed, they’re legal for me to have them, and I love them!”.

From Tiger to chimpanzee celebrities loves animal, most of them love to spend time with them and feel alone when they are not with them. Many celebrities have donated money and other things to save animals.

Content by: Tohid Sheikh.


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