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Check how Amazing Japanese Latest Inventions are – Strange, Wacky & Useful

Check how Amazing Japanese Latest Inventions are – Strange, Wacky & UsefulAuto & TechnologyPhoto & Video


Funny for few, Handy for many, best for Lazy!

Japanese are known s the cracker-jack of invention world; especially they are the favorites of a lazy geek as all wacky inventions have made people life comfortable and relaxing. What people tend to wish in terms of a comfort zone is Japans favorite mode of inventing new things leaving people amazed.

Let us go through some Wackiest invention by Japan that has left people in awe:

1.A wraparound Shoe:
“I am running really late”, this bloody shoelace – help to tie up easily, Hahaha so finally world biggest problem solved of tiding a lace as Japan finally has invented shoes with no lace but wraps around to fix it with legs.


2.Air exhausting Pants:
People having rugged life summer will only know the pain of sweaty sticky pants and the solution offered by Japan is Pants with small air conditioning fans providing coolness to the wearer. What a relief.


3.Table affix Blanket:
Strange it may sound but wonder it creates as this table has a blanket placed between the table top and low table frame along with a heating source underneath. So people who slug the couch every now and then have found their best friend.


4.Lean on the cushion:
Leave behind the comfortless issue if you are a person who loves to lie down and work on gadgets. This cushion will provide a space of luxury even while leaning and working on floors.


5.Let’s check what’s inside an EAR:
Ever wonder what is the actual thing inside big skin ears? Killing Curiosity, a device is been invented which enables the users to have a clear picture about your EAR INSIGHTS.


6.Twinkling Piggy Bag:
Yes, an animated piggy bag highly to encourage and attract kids for more donation inside this little piece. Every time you insert a penny as a saving, this bag makes a sound and wiggles.


7.Napkin Pants:
Undoubtedly the best is this one. Every single person struggles a lot after washing hands to wipe it out. No need to spoiling new curtains to sofa covers as these pants come with a napkin as a complimentary gift to get out of watery hands.


8.Peeping Umbrella:
I rainy season especially for CHASHMISH people, walking along with umbrella roof either dismiss your clear vision or ends you quite drenched. But, this umbrella has a window for eyes to have a clear vision on every ultimate thing around. Hats off to the thought.


9.Foot Powered Hairdryer:
What an absolute solution to all the girl’s problem of drying their hairs using heavy electric gadgets. Use this feet-powered dryer to dry your hair while taking a walk to your work of the college.



10.Butter Stick:
Just like Glue stick see how amazing this Butter Stick are, so handy for all butter lovers and easy to apply.


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