Saturday, July 29th, 2017

Chennai Temple Is Serving Burgers And Brownies ‘Prasad’

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When we think about temple’s ‘Prasad’ we think it is laddoos, pedas, sweets etc. But there is a temple in Chennai, India which is offering brownies, burgers and sandwiches as a ‘Prasad’. Jai Durga Pitham is a little temple situated in Padappai at the outskirts of Chennai, offers some different items as a prasad including burgers and brownies.

According to reports, the temple’s Prasad is certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) and also has a expiry date mentioned on it. The temple has their own menu book. People in temple put token in a machine after which they get the box called ‘pret-a-prasadam’.

jai durga peetham

K Sri Sridhar, a herbal oncologist is the person who helped for the setup of the temple. His idea is to offer desserts and sandwiches as a temple’s prasadam. He thinks it is quite a bit of interest among local citizens and the tourists. The traditional prasadam is made with simple and natural ingredients.

“The idea was to show that anything that is nutritious and prepared in a clean kitchen with a clean mind can be served to God. It doesn’t have to be only traditional dishes,” Sridhar said. Some days ago, the temple also introduced the ‘birthday cake prasadam’ and offered it.

“We maintain a computerized register of their birth dates and addresses and door deliver a cake prasadam to them. It’s a hit among the elderly devotees, because coming from the temple it adds a special touch to the occasion,” says Sridhar.


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