Thursday, August 31st, 2017

China Has It’s Own Barack Obama


obamaThis is the back answer to Barack from Beijing. A person named Xiao Jiguo, 30, an actor hopes his career as a Barack Obama impersonator will not be finished now that the president is about to leave the Oval Office. Xiao Jiguo who bears a striking resemblance to the US leader has spent the past four years perfecting his Obama persona, the outgoing President’s gestures. Xiao has even had plastic surgery so he looks even more like President Obama.

Unfortunately for Xiao, his hero will be leaving the White House next month and may be however Xiao’s future earning potential might be at risk now that Obama will be replaced next month by Donald Trump.
xiaoXiao, who is from the Sichuan province in central China first came to public prominence after appearing on the TV talent contest ‘Chinese Dream Show’ in 2012. Xiao has worked on so many video clips of Barack Obama to perfect the President’s mannerisms. And Before achieving this talent and fame, he worked as a waiter. Now, he has filmed a comedy series called ‘Obama Goes on Dates’.
xiao-6Here are some more pictures showing that this Chinese actor bears an uncanny resemblance to President Obama:



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