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The Cities That Never Sleep With The Best Nightlife In India


The Cities That Never Sleep With The Best Nightlife In India

Every third person in India is a youngster of age 18-26. And youth these days are more of ‘Owl Culture’ i.e. they love living at the night. There are many cities in India that don’t sleep at night and allow allow the best nightlife. Some cities allow best food at night, whereas some have a wonderful crowd at their partying centre. So here are the best 5 cities that allow the best nightlife in India.

  1. PUNE

The more Pune is known for its institutional and corporate life, the more it is known as a Party Town. The night life of Pune is something everyone should experience once as it is the single city in India where stars and people glitter at night with peace and solace. In addition to the bars, retro bars and nightclubs at every corner of the city, the place is famous for having live music with DJs and live bands.

Visit High Spirits; a place where you can get your drinks at affordable prices, Mi A Mi; the biggest dance floor in the city with the best wild crowd and DJS, Swig; the place where all kinds of artist including painters, musicians, dancers and sculptures are called, The Ship; a common cracking-down-place for the youngsters of the city and Area 51; a two level pub comfortable for both couple or a group to enjoy the amazing dance floor and ambiance.

High Spirits pune


Bangalore is known for its classy lifestyle and is place for people who love smart and selected crowd. The culture and destination are a fall-in-love-with-thing. Bangalore has its own definition to nightlife. The place has many perfect partying places like Pebbles- the jungle lounge; an open sky dancing area in between lush big trees, Om Made Café or Happy Brew, but these places are just open till midnight.

For the rock fans, The Legend Of Rock is the place to visit, just put on your flip flops and head here. The most famous bar across the county, Skyye in Bangalore is a must place to crash if you want to enjoy the classy crowd of the city. Sports fans, please visit Manchester United Sports Bars and people interested in local concerts and performances must visit the Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

Skyye at bangalore

  1. DELHI

The national capital with the most wild and insane crowd, has one of the best nightlife of the country. But due to the current situations of the city, it cannot be called a safe place to crash. But still the city has many places to be explored from 10pm to 5am in the morning. Try Ghungroo, Agni or Kitty Su if you are looking for places to tap the feet. While if you have plan to chill with the buddies, move to AM PM café, Soi 7, the Beer Café- Biggie, The Library etc etc.

Apart from partying and hanging out, if you actually want to have fun at Delhi, one must try the best sunrise points or the sky gazing and photography spots in Delhi.  The city even has best night walking paths for night crawlers (just gangs please) at Parthasarathy Rocks, Streets of Shahjahanabad and India Gate. The city also serves street food for your midnight hunger like JNU Dhaba, Jama Masjid, Jain Chawal Wale, Moolchand Parantha and Bun-Butter-Chai, all these places have their own taste and specialties. For music lovers, TC Bar & Restaurant, TLR: The Living Room, Hard Rock Café and Hybrid are the best places to crash for live band performances and rock music.

Harc Rock Cafe Gurgaon Launch Party


The Bollywood city of India known for its parties and glamour calls national and international celebrities and DJs.  The city where all dreams come true is the second best place known for its nightlife. Starting from beautiful streets, crossing Marine Drive to Juhu Chowpatty, people can crash down to best nightclubs and pubs. Enjoying live music at the Blue Frog in Lower Parel is something a Bollywood fan must not-dare-to-miss plus the Canvas Laugh Club (though it just stays open till 10:30pm). Another things one must do while in Mumbai, is travelling on the empty roads through the Worli Sea link.

Blue Frog mumbai

  1. GOA

If it’s about nightlife, nothing can compare to the living of Anjuna and Panjim in Goa. The place is a paradise in itself. The city that never sleeps where stars and people rise at the same time. Stating from sitting with friends at beaches, to partying under the stars or checking the night bazaars, there is nothing like Goa’s nightlife. All you have to do is visit the place once, because after that, you will have the urge to go there every year.

The only city with casinos in India, pubs like Titos, Mambos, Butter Lounge and Shiros, beach and trance parties at Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Colva and Dauna Paula beaches, Goa is the best place for party freaks and music lovers. Nothing is more happening than spending New Year in Goa. Goa is also at the 6th number in the ‘Top 10 Nightlife Cities‘ list of the world.
Nightlife goa


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