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What? Dead Foetus removed from a 15 yrs Boy Stomach!

What? Dead Foetus removed from a 15 yrs Boy Stomach!Social


The incident happened in Malaysia where a 15 years old boy was complaining a constant stomach pain and bloating in the abdomen since childhood. The boy had been suffering the pain since birth and was saying that hard substance has been inside his abdomen.

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The foetus of twin’s body has been staying inside the stomach since years. When examined, Doctors thought that he has some kind of a tumour but what came shockingly was the body of twin foetus. The non-viable child wasn’t capable of surviving on its own and didn’t have a mouth or umbilical cord. It weighed around 1.6 kg and was found to have deformed limbs.

When CT scan the central part of the abdomen, it showed an intra-abdominal mass with a spine developing, they ruled out cancer. It was removed with a surgery but the dead foetus was handed to the family for some private funeral as per the mother’s request.


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