Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Do You Also Watch ‘Friends’ Or ‘Sherlock’ Or Any Other American TV Show?


american tv shows watched by indian youth

Shaktiman, Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai, Malgudi Days, Byomkesh Bakshi, Alif Laila, Shakalaka Boom Boom, Chandrakanta.. These are few of those television shows that help 19ees kids’ growing up. But now, with the full stop to all such shows, the taste of Indian youth is also diverted towards a new era of watching American Television Shows.

Shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Sherlock, Vampire Diaries, Girls, Suit, Doctor Who, Dexter, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, Game Of Thrones… does these ring any bell to you? Well obviously they do if you’re a college student of recent school pass out.

american tv shows

With the modernization in the country, the youth of India got modern with “Westernization”. With internet access where one can reach to any point of the world, the youth is now targeting western look book. It’s not just about fashion or new hairstyles tattoo or new looks, but the Indian youth is getting attracted to the lifestyle and decision makings of these shows.

The reason for this shift is known by each and every one of us. If we ask any 19 year old about what kind of review would they give to any of Indian television show, “boring” would be the first word out of them. The Indian television has not improved its quality from past many decades. The same never ending drama and planning plotting, obviously the youth will get exposed to the western shows. Though Indian television has its own beauty, but these now just fit for the elders who watch television, not for the youth who’s looking for better heights.

Indian television channels require patience, whereas American TV shows attract youth to the magnificent and classic lifestyles.

American television shows have attracted the Indian youth with its casual lifestyles. The western cultures like relationships, sex, homosexuality, going on dates, such features that are totally against Indian scenario, have became common between Indian youth. It’s still a debate whether this is a good change or not, but does it really matters? Though the mindset of Indian youth has changed, but the Indian cultural beliefs are still amongst them.

AXN, Comedy Central, Romedy Now, Zee Café and many more English television channels have changed the mentality and thought processes of youth of the whole world. The Mindy Project, Scandal, Sex and the City are few of those television shows that encouraged women to change their living in comparison to the traditional society.

indian female youth influenced by american tv shows

These television shows have been an acceptance of new culture for youth but not for the older generations. But is it a good term? For once, sit with your parents and watch friends, it won’t break the ice but it would for sure let them know that though it’s breaking few barriers of traditional Indian culture but it’s not disrespecting them.

Though these shows are addictive and grab a lot of productive time, but some of the youth even said that “American television shows have improved their vocabulary and communication skills”. It’s not just about American television shows, but American movies, have also crated their effects over the Indian youth. The youth still loves Bollywood but prefers watching English movies more.

Will this be a challenge for Indian daily soaps? If yes, will Indian television change its viewpoints and plots to attract Indian youth? What are these changes going forward to? Some things always get left unanswered.


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