Thursday, August 31st, 2017


While in early years of our lives, we used go to parks and play, go to slide rides and play many different games. In those days, we had the spirit of going on and never giving up. Even when we fell from a swing, we got up, helped ourselves remove the dust and play again. The only difference was some cried and then went back to the game; other laughed and kept on moving. It was all on how you look at the issue and deal with it. As we grow upwe get to see the reality. With time, we get experienced enough to judge what’s good for us and what’s not. Though noneof us ever realize the fact that how we lose our ability to think and then react when under the influence of a particular emotion! Through this work, let me take you back to a few emotions where we react just opposite to what we should have.



1. Anger

Something obvious… In situations where our anger takes the charge of our heart and mind. We lose our temperament and take decisions that might leave us with long term regret of things that shouldn’t have been done!


What should be done : Stay Quiet! Don’t utter a single word. Sometimes silence does all that is need to be done!


2. Love

people these days mix love with infatuation and lust! They think if they found someone attractive or just good to satisfy their ego if dating someone who might give them the satisfaction of being then that is it. One meeting and they get into relationship, without considering the pro’s and con’s of being withthat particular human!


What should be done : Know when it’s right to be with someone! Judge your mental and emotional state first. Don’t date because he or she is beautiful or your friends like them. Date them if their soul attracts you. Date them if being with them leaves you with an feeling of being complete.


3. Hurt

Sometimes when we feel hurt, we keep it to ourselves and in that way we punish our peace of mind. Don’t do that to yourself ever. And don’t even let that broken emotion turn into anger, that might turn the whole situation  upside down!


What should be done : Calm down and talk to someone you think you should, someone who you think will understand youand won’t judge you for that! Talk to them and ask for their advice or comforting conversation.


4. Nervousness.

This one emotion makes one forget about the rest. You start making different hand momemts, smile and sweat takes over. Your face gives signs enough through gestures of how mixed emotions are playing in your mind to take over!

What should be done : Take a deep breath and drink water. Count till 10, look yourself in the mirror and compliment yourself. Tell yourself how beautifully you are you and no one else can be the same way again ever. You are one of a kind beautiful.


5. Frustated

In our daily language- we call it being pissed off with an expression of disgust on our faces. Though sarcasm comes naturally to this moment. We might saysomething awfully hurting to someone and not realize it until too late.


What should be done : Words once out of yourmouth are gone forever! Don’t hurt someone just because you yourselfare hurt.


We are young and charming in our own ways. We have our own perceptions and we deal with them in our own manner. We Learn-We Grow.





Himanshi Phanda
Young Writer




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