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How to fight days of dullness ?


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To the days when you have nothing on your mind and it’s all blurry. To the days when you have got hundreds of things to do but you can’t roll yourself out of the bed. To the days when you don’t love the world even your own self . To the days when you don’t feel like living but only to survive. This is an ode for those days when you feel out of yourself self for the days when you lack motivation and hope.

“Every day is a gift of god cherish it and admire the beauty of the world”
Firstly don’t you ever think that letting this day pass by doing nothing is ok. Our life is limited and so is our time so right before you think about spending your day rolled up in the bed crying alone with your anxiety and viral spreading thoughts which are making you a victim of your own self. Remember that god loves you even when you can’t feel the presence it’s that one love which is always surrounds you. Value this love and value your life.

Take a day off from your normal routine
when your life feels a little low and you find yourself in a turmoil go for a lunch date with your parents or someone from your family spend a chill day with your loved one eat, breath and relax. Take a day off to unwind yourself and to brighten up your mood. Go for a movie date with your sibling and have a fun Tom and Jerry knock fight day like you used to have in your young days. Do anything that is fun and lightning but avoid lying in your bed doing nothing and letting your thoughts run wild on you.

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