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Film Review: Commando 2, The Black Money Trail


commando 2 by mayank

Commando 2, the black money trail, is the sequel part of Commando film 2013. The film starring Vidhyut  Jammval as ( Captain Karanvir Singh), is the action hero and Adah Sharma and Freddy Daruwala are co-actors.  Esha Gupta as (Maria) is also in the film.The film is directed by Deven Bhojani.

Story – The story is about India’s most wanted black money agent, Vicky Chaddha (Vansh Bhardwaj)  who was arrested in Malaysia with his wife and was kept in a safe place by Malaysian authorities  for the reason he is the most wanted person, as some people wanted him to be dead.

A team of four police officers, Bhavna Reddy (Adah Sharma), Bhaktawar ( Freddy Daruwala), a hacker (Sumit Gulati) and Leela as ( Shefali Shah) is sent to Malaysia by Home Minister to bring back Vicky Chaddha (Vansh Bhardwaj) and his black money to India.

Vidhyut Jammval (Karanvir Singh Dogra), a secret agent of Indian Armed force, by using his brain, is the first one to find Vicky Chaddha. He also tries to recover Vicky Chaddha’s laundered black money to India. But at the end of film, Karanvir  Singh Dogra, the captain can not get back the same to the country.

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Review- There is no doubt that Vidhyut Jammaval is absolutely  fantastic in the film, but the film is not so interesting to catch the eyes of the audience. The low quality of the dialogs fails to seek the attention of the audience. No one of the actor is good at the expressions. The only reason to watch ‘Commando 2’ depends on how much you like action movies.

Rating- (2.5/5)



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