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Force 2 :  Nothing Force-fitted in this sequel



Director:  Abhinay Deo

Cast:  John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin

A sequel to the 2011 film directed by Nishikant Kamat, the film takes place 8 years after the first in the Force universe. The sequel takes off in the spy genre as we see a new antagonist kill RAW agents one by one.

John Abraham is buffed and ripped. Sonakshi Sinha is meticulous and believes in doing her homework. He is a Mumbai police officer with a death wish. She is a RAW agent with an agenda to avenge her fallen comrades. They are together in Force 2.Force 2 is far more intelligent. It is inspired by true events. From the looks of the trailer, people  seek help from Mumbai police and that’s where ACP Yashvardhan comes in. As he claims in the trailer after losing his wife, he’s lost it. And he doesn’t mind indulging in breaking rib-cages, smashing skulls with his bare hands. The film also sees Sonakshi  carry along her action-star image after this year’s Akira. Force 2, brings back ACP Yashvardhan who teams up RAW Agent KK to bring down a master mind terrorist Shiv whose mission is to assassinate India’s prime minister. The sequel directed promises to pack in as much action as possible in this highly awaited action film.

Sonakshi  has definitely stunned  in the film in terms of the action sequences. John too has fallen off from a height of 150 ft between two buildings, swinging on a cable and crashing into a glass. But to have  Sonakshi  match up to that zeal is amazing.  Sonakshi was asked  if she would like to perform an action sequence herself or would prefer a body double, but she was game for it. Seeing her dedication, the action director re-designed a whole sequence which originally had John fighting baddies, while Sonakshi shielded a pregnant lady. It is sure she will vouch  away with a lot of praise. John as ACP Yashvardhan stands for the qualities a man should have in today’s time in terms of faith, honesty and integrity. He has incredible, real physical powers to match up to a superhero. The antagonist in the second instalment is far more dangerous and so is the film. The right amount of intensity has been infused to build the tension around the hero, the villain and the happenings in the world. Tahir Raj Bhasin, who did a swell job in ‘Mardaani’, is the antagonist in ‘Force 2’.

Back in 2011 when Force was released, the songs had done reasonably well. However, they aren’t really played today and most have been forgotten. Now that the sequel is arriving, one isn’t expecting a musical either, considering the fact that John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha are playing ‘officers in uniform’ and there isn’t any romantic angle per se in there.

Youngsters Dev Negi and Aditi Singh Sharma come together for a forceful track, Rang Laal, which is about paying homage to those who have been fighting for us, be it at the border or inside the country, in order to keep us all safe.  John Abraham does the voiceover right through the song and makes a good impact. Neha Kakkar makes an impact too as she moves out of her girlish zone to croon for a young woman instead in O Janiya. A new version of Kaate Nahi Katate [Mr. India], this one is a female solo as there is no male singer to replace Kishore Kumar in the current avtar. However, Neha pretty much makes the song her own and it is interesting to see how a couple of new lines are added to the ‘mukhda’ before integrating seamlessly with the yesteryear chartbuster song. Ishaara is a male solo by Armaan Malik. Yet again, Rashmi Virag does well with the lyrics as poetic feel seeps into the words. Catch Me If You Can is a theme track which could well be revolving around the chase that follows the villain, Tahir Raj Bhasin, this one is a situational outing with a Western treatment to it.

Newbie’s Gourov Roshni  have good musicality but their music is not commercially groomed and they do not have a unique style as yet to make it big in the Bollywood music world. Overall the album lacks good vocals mainly and memorable tunes with room for a lead hit song making this a very average soundtrack.

The film is hitting the screens at a time when national focus is on counter-terrorism, audiences are anxiously looking forward to watch the action spy thriller. Along with that, the action scenes will give you an adrenaline rush, leaving you craving for more. It will be a delight to watch Tahir, who’ll be performing high-octane action sequences matching international standards, against John.


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