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20 Students of Department of Architecture in Jadavpur University of Kolkata are now on a special mission or say Swachh Bharat in a different way, beautifying a place by cleaning and turning the place, useful for seating purpose which was till recently considered dirty adjacent to the University campus.

The special drive was a part of a competition of Annual NASA Design organised by the NASA India (National Association of Students of Architecture), this group of students are working on the topic of turning a dirty place into a healthy and beautiful one, using a minimum amount of money, which would attract instead of repelling human beings as they participated in the zonal stage of the all-India competition.

So they chose the shabby wall just outside their University, Jadavpur University and started their work. They collected a total of 3000/- as donation from like-minded people and contributed from their pocket money for the purpose, thereby raising around 6000/- which they used to put up permanent seats also near the wall, after cleaning and beautifying.

Pranay Karmakar, a 3rd year student of architecture while speaking to Youthens News said “A 20 members team worked in the evening for 3 days after our classes in the University“. He also added “If we get special mention in the Annual NASA Design competition or in the Zonal NASA, then we will be eligible to participate in a national level competition organised by the Council of Architecture, India“.

They also made attempts clean the nearby drain and over which the seating arrangement is made without disturbing the flow of water in the drain. They cover up the drain using wood with sand and would also plant trees in the empty spaces making the area look attractive and beautiful.

The students now don’t want to stop here after the completion of the competition they also want to work to beautify other places of the city. Turning a dirty area into a clean and green place, these students indeed deserve applause.


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