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It’s all about coffee and coffee lovers

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A hot cup of coffee in this rainy season will add more in your life, I think it is perfect thing for those who are all coffee addicted, coffee is something that one cup of coffee in a day can keep you flowing all the day and make your day very lively. Coffee is something that no beverages can replace it. Coffee removes all the tiredness from the hectic work schedule; coffee is that best beverage that you can have it any time. Not only we common people just love coffee but our famous Bollywood industry celebrities are too coffee addicted, from Jacqueline to most famed guy of film industry Aditya Roy Kapoor is coffee addicted. Here is the some best thing about coffees which will  going to amaze you, and those who are don’t like coffee will go to start drink coffee from today! Now! Take a look: coffee lovers!!

#Best coffee shop in the world

-Truth  Coffee, South Africa

truth coffee

-Barista Parlor, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


-La Cafeotheque, Paris, France


-Cafe Central, Austria, Vienna


#Expensive coffees in the world

-Luwak Coffee (Indonesia) – $160/lb.


-St. Helena Coffee Company’s Island (St. Helena) – $79/lb.


-Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama) – $104/lb.


-Blue Mountain (Wallenford Estate, Jamaica) – $49/lb.

blue mountain

-Starbucks Rwanda Blue Bourbon (Gatare/Karengera, Rwanda) – $24/lb.


#Bollywood celebs  who are most coffee addict

-Jacqueline Fernandez

jack coffee_Fotor_Collage

 Jacqueline Fernandes loves her Starbucks coffee.

-Shah Rukh Khan

srk coffee_Fotor_Collage

He likes his coffee to be just right – mostly black and sometimes with a dash of milk and some sugar. Apparently, the superstar even has a collection of the best blends of coffee beans from across the world.

-Kangana Ranaut


The curly-haired beauty needs her daily dose of caffeine to keep her going.Totally addicted to the brew, the actor drinks almost eight to ten cups of coffee every day.

-Abhishek Bachchan


He drinks his java because he truly savours the taste of it. What’s more, there’s a daily morning ritual at the Bachchan house,

-Aditya Roy Kapur


He is a true blue coffee aficionado. The youngster prefers to start each of his days with a strong dose of black coffee.

#Best coffee brands




-Eight O’ Clock




-Dunkin’ Donuts



#You should take coffee because…..

cooffee love

-Coffee make you feel more happy.

-coffee can make you a better athlete.

-Drinking coffee could help keep your brain healthier for longer.

-coffee make you more intelligent.

-just smiling coffee make you less stressed.

 #Most Coffee addicts places

-Slovakia-1.2 cups/day


Panorama by night Ð the town, the river , bridges, square

Slovakia has had a long-standing coffee-drinking tradition The main sorts of coffee beans popular here are Robusta and Arabica. This means that the perfect cup of coffee in Slovakia is 100% Arabica espresso, professionally roasted and prepared. However, most of Bratislava’s coffee is offered in a blend of both.

 –Germany-1.23 cups/day



In the 90’s, 15000 tons of coffee was consumed. That number has since increased to an astronomical 55 000 tons, accounting for approximately 1.5 billion Euros worth of coffee imports. With popular coffee bars and houses like Starbucks and Balzac thriving throughout the country, the total out-of-home consumption of coffee totals to about 25% of the coffee market.

-Sweden- 1. 35 cups/day


Coffee arrived in Sweden in 1685 at the port of Gothenburg. However, it was only about 30 years later when the craze caught on, thanks to King Karl XII. It gives Swedes a chance to catch up and socialize. The typical cup of Swedish coffee is brewed in a drip filter and served with either sugar cookies, or cinnamon/cardamom flavored buns. However, with the barista culture that has taken over Europe, espresso drinks are practically required at any urban hangout.

 –Finland- 1.85 cups/day


In a close second place for biggest coffee consumers, we have Finland. Coffee was first introduced to the Finnish people in the early 18th century, Finland, throughout the 20th century, was ranked among the biggest coffee consuming countries in the world, surpassing Sweden in the 1970s. In the 21st century, coffee is a fundamental part of Finnish culture.

– Netherlands- 2.4 cups/day


The biggest coffee consumers in the world are not the high-powered New Yorkers, neither the laidback Parisian cafe-goers nor the latte drinking Italians: no, the Dutch are the most voracious coffee drinkers in the world. About 70% of coffee in the Netherlands is enjoyed at home. Nonetheless, due to the growing number of coffee bars and chains like Starbucks, A favorite among Dutch people is the “koffie verkeerd” (which can be literally translated as ‘wrong coffee’), a drink which resembles a latte. With the creation of the coffee brewer, Senseo, the Dutch coffee culture has been revolutionized.



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