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The King Of Fashion World ‘David Gandy’



If you are a fashion freak or know anything about fashion industry then you probably know about David Gandy and if not than chances are you’ve seen him in Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic Light Blue ad where his eyes rival the water surrounding the island of Capri. David needs no introduction when it comes to fashion and modeling industry.  He is one of the highest paid supermodel of the world and yes the sexiest model in the model.

When the whole world was going for skinny and slim models Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana chose the muscular six-foot, three-inch tall Gandy to be the face of their apparel campaigns and fashion shows. For more than six years, he was featured prominently by the duo. But one thing that made David what he is today is the light blue commercial. Yes the Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance ‘Light Blue’ with Marija Vujović got 11 million online hits and saw a 50-foot billboard of him displayed in Times Square and the rest is history.

While David life is full of glamour and style here are something which will surprise you about him.

He hates when people take selfies:


When you are as freakishly good looking as David Gandy, strangers will want to take photos with you; it’s an occupational hazard. But the male supermodel hates taking selfies more than anything. “Why can’t we just enjoy the moment and not have to capture it and show it to people?” he said in an interview.

Shooting in underwear is not at all normal:


Yes I know that you loved him in light blue commercial but that doesn’t  not mean that he loves shooting in underwear’s. “It’s definitely something that you have to get used to. This is the weirdest thing in the world.” he says.

 He doesn’t eat anything processed or foods that come prepackaged:


Well we all know that David is a fitness freak, but this is surprising. “Having the willpower to say no to certain things is the hardest thing, but I tell everyone to stay away from processed foods and anything that comes in a packet — they’re just crap.” He said while talking to

He’s never been confident in front of the camera,really!


“I’ve never been that confident in front of the camera. I’m still not. I’m not naturally into being the center of attention, which is exactly what my job entails. But I’d much prefer someone else having the limelight instead of me. I just knew that if I wanted to be successful in this industry, it’d be something I just have to get over.”

He believes in living a mystery life:


Now this is something we don’t want at all Mrs. Gandy.  “I think that if you are in the public eye, there’s a class to not putting your whole life on social media. Look at Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz–they’re people that I didn’t even know got married. They avoid paparazzi. They do their films and publicize them, and then they do good causes and then they disappear. I don’t really get why people put their whole lives on social media. There’s a curiosity to that. But if I ever met Daniel Craig, I would be very intrigued to hear his views because you don’t really get access to that person’s views much. You don’t get to know about that person much. That was the mystery of Hollywood actors such as Steve McQueen and Paul Newman; we didn’t really get to know much about them. But you see images and they are so sought after, because there are hardly any pictures of them. But now there are so many pictures of everyone. They put where they were eating and what they were eating.”

Yes he loves sweet food :


He looks fit every time but yes he is he has a sweet tooth. “Even though I eat healthy, I do have a bit of a sweet tooth. I don’t know who my mom cooks for when I go home, but it’s like there’s an army of people coming to her house. It’s just me and then five cakes and scones, and I’m like, ‘Mom, it’s just me!’ When I’m drained and need something, I just like a couple bits of orange dark chocolate and a little coffee.”

He loves racing:


 Now this is that makes David an exception. After receiving his racing license in 2012, Gandy was invited to be one of the drivers in the 2013 Mille Miglia (“1,000 Mile”) regularity trial in Italy. And after this every year he  enjoys and participate in the event.

He believes in living the moment:


“When we were trekking for gorillas a few years back, I was manically trying to get pictures, and so one of the guides just grabbed the lens of the camera and said ‘Enjoy it.’ You’re not going to do this again, and you’re seeing it through your camera lens and not just taking it all in. I though that was a good bit of advice. Enjoy being in a situation that is astonishing without having to take pictures of it.” We agree with you  David.

He’s into fresh citrusy scents on women.


“I’m quite into fresh, citrusy fragrances — I like when your partner leaves and you can still smell them on your pillow. But I don’t like anything too, too deep. So nothing too masculine on a woman. I like the distinction between the man and woman.”

Phones not allowed:


“I was reading this thing the other day about the 5:2 diet. Where they’ll do technology five days a week and then on the weekend they’ll put down their mobile phone and try to enjoy those two days. I thought that was a brilliant idea, and enjoy family or friends or a partner. The world will still go on, it’s just that we’re all involved in our phones now. I have started at dinners, just not taking my phone out. Just enjoying the people I am being around.”

And after this if you are wondering that modeling might be easy for him after staying in the industry for more than a decade than you totally wrong.


“I remember shooting campaign for Light Blue. The weather was awful even and the waves were all over the place. I had to get on this boat with Bianca [Balti] for the commercial and had to physically get out of the water and pull myself up onto a dingy. You know if you’ve ever tried to lift yourself out of normal flat water, it’s hard enough. But try it while there’s waves — I literally I was flopping like a seal and Mario [Testino] was like, ‘That’s not sexy!,’ and I was like, ‘Do you want to come and do this? It’s impossible!’ [Laughs.] Everyone in the boat was laughing and I had to do it take after take; my arms were shaking after a while.”

Hope you have enjoyed  this journey of David. lets take a look to some of his pictures:








Source: Elle and Cosmopolitan


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