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Mrs. Congeniality 2017 : Woman of Substance



Beauty is always not about the looks, but it is about the thoughts one carries. Thought is what defines a person as a whole and which influences his or her actions too. The story is of Suparna Mukherjee, who recently won the titles of Mrs. Congeniality 2017 and Mrs. India Queen of Substance Classic 2nd Runners Up Winner in an International Contest, where Indian woman from all over the world participated.

Suparna want to be known much for her beauty of thoughts and wants her story to inspire other woman of her age. Suparna Mukherjee is 41 years of age and married for 16 years and is a mother of two children. Apart from her responsibilities at home, she is a working lady associated with a chain of Pre Schools as its Head of Academics and Development.

That is how, we see woman are more capable of, taking multiple responsibilities, but we seldom acknowledge and ignore their contribution in the family and the society and that this where Suparna stands out. While speaking to Youthens News, she said, “I am that 21st century woman, who is balancing her work and her family with great dedication, and commitment. I am intelligent, beautiful, classy, and a confident individual. I am a happy go lucky individual, who is always there to help people in distress, because I love counseling people or give friends a shoulder to cry, when they need it badly, which shows my compassionate nature. I have loads of enthusiasm, energy and understanding. Sense of responsibility is one of my positive qualities. My smile is my biggest makeup I wear every time. I am a combination of both strong and gentle, educated and humble, passionate, and rational”.

We have seen our woman folk, who work hard to rare and care for us as society, we talk about gender equality, but alas in practice we are away from what we say, as a system or as an individual. But woman like Suparna is changing the way, we as society look at our women. Suparna also says she is a leader since childhood and it has been her strength. As a successful Sports Captain of her School, which helped her shaping the qualities of attitude, discipline, perseverance and enthusiasm. An established dancer, she has performed in many shows in Kolkata and abroad while she was staying in USA for 10 years.

suprana mukharjee

Dance is my passion, and I still continue my passion, through giving dance direction and doing choreography and performing as well in several events in our community. I am an active performer in Television reality shows in Bengal, where I love to participate, to keep strengthening my skills, and working on my weaknesses and gain popularity and perfection. My first winning title as a crown holder is “I am Miss Shopping Mall” a reality game show happened in a Bengal Television channel, which has given me an extra zeal, power and confidence in myself”, says Suparna.

The multispecialities or qualities defines a person and makes one understand self worth the hidden potentiality, which we often loose to identify after a certain age. But this journey of Suparna will certainly help all those woman folk, who have stopped thinking about them.

She now wants to use this recognition of hers to inspire woman, as the idea behind the pageant is to influence and encourage the vast community of Indian Married women, to come out of their inhibitions and reservations, by giving the platform, helping them in cultivating their potentials and building up their confidence and personality, showing them the path to Success and empowering them to give the society their compassion, kindness, their contribution, and helping them become a role model to the entire woman of the nation.

Suparna is also socially very sensitive and is concerned about the relevant issues such as Child labour, Illiteracy, women safety issues, global warming, terrorism, unemployment, and recently demonetization issues. She is associated with many non-profit organizations, helping them learn and grow. She also takes grooming session. Making her an role model for everyone, man and woman.

Concluding herewith her words, beauty is all about having a clean mind, with good intentions, a positive approach to a happy and healthy life, a kind soul who can feel about others, one with an abundant and soulful energy, can be labeled as truly beautiful, which actually originates from within and spreads the fragrance of the sweetness all around her with her grace and dignity, a god gifted quality. This beauty stays and never fades, and it also leaves a mark in human minds and in their lives.


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