Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Newlyweds Jake And Hannah Willshire Took Some Creative Pictures In A Local Gym After Saying ‘I Do’

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Jake, 32, and Hannah Willshire, 25, a Queensland couple told their family and friends that it was going to be an engagement party but surprised them by tying knots. They got married on March 11. But this is not the only surprising thing they did later that day.

After saying I do, they went to a near local gym for 20 minutes for some more creative snaps.

It was the photographer Rochelle Alom’s idea to take pictures at the gym as he knew their love for the gym.

Jake bench pressing Hannah is such an adorable act, as she smiles and poses in her wedding dress. This has caught the attention of a huge Australian public.


Hannah even got the chance to show off her impressive biceps on the pull up bar. Jake accompanies her in the same.




The gym was just around the corner from the place where the couples exchanged their vows and tied the knot.

They even told the Daily Mail Australia that they have been together from past 4 years and they have never planned a big wedding.

‘Weddings cost a fortune and neither of us like having all the attention focused on us,’ Hannah said.

All they needed was a good celebration with their family and friends and spend some good time together. So they tricked everyone including the bridesmaids and groomsmen into thinking it was just an engagement party. Hannah wanted her father to walk her down the aisle. The celebration didn’t have any sit-down meal or first dance. It was a quick ceremony and one big party.


After having the traditional photos, they headed towards the gym on Rochelle’s suggestion.

The photographer had no complaints in shooting as the couple didn’t trouble him for poses. They knew what to do because they go there all the time.

They had so much fun getting their wedding pictures at gym but nobody expected such a response on the pictures.

‘We just popped into the gym at the last minute,’ Rochelle said. ‘I honestly had no idea it would come to this. It was something for them that they wanted to do.’


They saw only one picture when they were at their honeymoon. But they started getting many calls from their family and friends who had seen the pictures online.

‘We didn’t expect them to get as much publicity as they got,’ she added. ‘We just wanted them for ourselves at home.’

‘The few we took at the gym were just for ourselves, we didn’t expect anyone to see it.’


Hannah was more surprised on the fact that people thought they were gym freaks. Hannah mentioned ‘Gym is something we just do for fun, we might go three times a week, we love it and it’s a good hobby’.

‘But we still eat junk food, we just workout when we feel like it.’   She added.


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