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Quora ye kya Horiya – Hilarious Question bank from Indian’s on Quora

Quora ye kya Horiya – Hilarious Question bank from Indian’s on QuoraEntertainmentPhoto & Video


And then they say Indians should be banned to ask such things!

One of the most vividly social sites appreciated by people on the internet is QUORA. Free to ask, complimentary to answer and solutions to all problems is what Quora deals with. But as Indians are so satirical with an epic sense of humor that they leave no stones unfold while misleading and pulling legs of every catch they can trap. This time its Quora where such spooky and dreadful questions were asked that people were left amazed. Check this out:

1.I can understand the baggage of worry FOODIES carry after GST’s revolution.


2. I think this fellow doesn’t know what SWACHCHA BHARAT is all about.


3.Its natural, Its human buddy – Love should be accepted in all conditions na?


4. Remove Kesar and Eat the rest – Indians can perform such task with an ease.


5. Even Bahubali would have never really thought about it – HATS OFF.

Hahahhahah, Indians and Their epic sense of humor ROCKS!
No one can match us in any case!!!

Keep asking, Keep spreading laughter I must say.


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