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Rock on 2: A movie that’s trying too hard too move you; Dongri rather takes the lead


It’s that time of the week again! Friday is what every cine buff looks forward to. There is good news as the Bollywood brigade has Rock On 2, Dongri Ka Raja, Ishq Junoon as releases  this week.  Despite the surgical strike the question would be whether people will turn up to theatres or not.

Dongri Ka Raja

Stat Cast: Reecha Sinha, Gashmeer Mahajani, Ronit Roy, Ashmit Patel, Sunny Leone (guest appearance)

Director: Hadi Ali Abrar

As the trailer tells you, Dongri has long been a hub of underworld activities in Mumbai. Close to the sea and docks, it has always been a place of interest for smugglers, and later Mumbai underworld bosses. Raja (Gashmeer Mahajani) is the son of Dongri’s feared don Mansoor Ali (Ronit Roy). The impersonated police officer (Ashmit Patel) is on the hunt for Raja who is using his name and killing his enemies at will. But he has a weakness – a simple Mumbai girl. The love affair spirals into something big and the opposing faction in the crime world take this opportunity as a bargaining chip for the control of much coveted Dongri. In this scenario, the relationship between the father and son deteriorates further as they face-off with each other to get their way.  Will Raja get his wish fulfilled or will he succumb to the forces acting against him?


Rock On 2

Cast: Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Purab Kohli, Prachi Desai and Shraddha Kapoor

Director: Shujaat Saudagar

Akhtar returns as the lead singer Aditya Shroff. He has turned into this remorse-filled recluse who gives up on music because he blames himself for a freak suicide of a young man. There’s a voice over by actor Purab Kohli, who’s the drummer from Magik, explaining the changes in an annoying philosophical tone. Rampal, who was the poor, romantic soul of Magik, is now the owner of a swanky nightclub and a reality TV show judge. They are all doing well, except for the tragedy that seems to have fallen upon Shroff. Once again, he’s a tough nut to crack and his musician friends try to bring him back to the world of living. The dialogues that underline their camaraderie fill you with a nostalgic feeling. But the introduction of the two new bandmates seem unnecessary. Kapoor plays the troubled, aspiring singer Jiah Sharma, who is repressed by a conservative father, who just happens to be a classical music maestro.

Some poverty porn thrust into the narrative, all to prove that music can be used for a charitable cause. As far as performances go, everyone does their bit but they are let down by a confused storyline. Watch this only if you are a Rock On groupie, otherwise skip it as the magic and charm that were evident in the original film, which chronicled the reunion of a college band, Magik, are missing in its sequel.


Ishq Junoon

Cast: Rajbeer Singh, Divya Singh, Akshay Rangshahi

Director: Sanjay Sharma

Pakhi and Raj are a couple in a sincere relation and Raj loves Pakhi to the utmost and never expects her to break her sincerity. They both go on a trip where they meet Veer, a handsome hunk(or so they potray) who also loves Pakhi. Pakhi is a bit sexual in this movie and gets easily seduced by Veer and makes love with him. A heartbroken Raj comes to know of this, cries that he didn’t expect Pakhi to cheat on him, but finally becomes a cuckold and then accepts for the cringe threesome.

If you have the patience to watch the trailer, hear the last line once. A crying Raj says “Thank you Pakhi, Thank you for loving us both”.  Ishq Junoon is a flop on many levels. Not because of the story, not because of the cinematography and not because of the acting. The movie is handled with very much immaturity and it’s just a compilation of scenes with half naked people delivering double meaning dialogues. Sincerely, that’s all the movie is about.


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