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Top 10 Startup Ideas that you can Opt for

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Startup is the buzzword these days but not everyone is buzzing with smart ideas. Though conventional small businesses still work like the neighborhood grocery store or the milk parlor, the youth today look for trendier options, which look swanky and also make economic sense. Car washing for instance is a new business picking up in which washing is provided at your doorstep. There are several such new age businesses which are striking a chord with the youth. Ideas can be endless but here we are listing out some possible ventures, which could be explored as startup options in India.

food joint

1. Food joint:

A very vibrant culture is that of street food which has come up as a dominant feature of the urban landscape. Food joint is a vast and diverse playing field which can include many things. It can be a take-home-only outlet. It can be an eatery on wheels. It can also be an exclusive home-delivery facility. If there is some specific expertise or tighter budget, then the options can be narrowed down to exclusive recipes like fruit juice kiosk, or ice cream parlor or a confectionery which also fall under food category and do good business. If there is the right kind of professionalism and a propitious location to buttress, the business can click big time. Read- स्टार्ट अप: दो सक्सेस स्टोरी, पांच मंत्र


2. Financial consultant/advisor:

If you have a financial background, it is icing on the cake, but even without that, if you are economically well informed you can turn out to be a successful financial consultant. The common man in India is still woefully unsystematic and unaware of financial dealings, especially in matters of prudent investment. A financial consultant can come as a boon for such people by successfully managing their portfolios and bringing up before them the best deals that promise the best returns. If you are having a relevant degree, be a tax advisor, which is high in demand. Read- स्टार्टअप के लिए ऐसे जुटाएं पैसा

wedding planning

3. Wedding planner:

Though event management is already an in-thing with today’s youth, many may find it a bit more extravagant and broader in scope and challenge. Wedding and birthday celebration planners are much sought after and these events can be easier to manage than bigger events. From wedding dresses and coats, jewellers, food caterers, to venue providers, photographers and videographers, from performers, flower shops, to travel agencies, souvenir crafts – a host of ventures can come under wedding planning, which can be delivered individually or in package offering for a hassle-free experience to clients. Read-स्टार्ट अप में निवेश के तरीके अनेक

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