Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Techy sparrow: New friend of humanity

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The little house sparrow is considered as a friend of humans, she lives near our society. In this techy world a new techy sparrow “Drone” has become a good friend of human civilization. Drone (unmanned aerial vehicle)is easily visible in our cities especially in crowded events. People are using drone camera for getting perfect picture of their life time events.

The use of drone camera is not limited to photography. It has become the third eye of administration to maintain public security and law and order. It provides real time data analysis & helps in performing tasks.  See how Drones are helping as in performing some tough task.

Monitoring of Tigers –

NTCA (National Tiger Conservation Authority) is planning to use Drone for monitoring the activities of tigers in reserve area. This will help in reducing the clashes between men and tigers. The Home ministry has already given approval for using Drone in Reserve area and the department is waiting for clearance from aviation department.

According to official sources Drone monitoring project will start in five centuries: panna, Jim corbett national park, Kaziranga & satyamangalam at Tamilnadu. The estimated cost of project is about 3.5 crore. These special drones will be with updated with HD Night vision and GPS technology.

Security of Gas pipeline –

India’s largest state owned natural gas processing and distribution company GAIL is now planning to secure gas pipeline with the help of drone.  At present company is using Drone for trial purpose in the Chambal area of Madhya Pradesh, where Drone is monitoring gas pipeline in 200 km. Soon this technology will use for ensuring the security of a large network of gas pipelines.

Drone is beneficial in developing a tight security system in pipeline Area. The Arial monitoring is helpful in protecting the pipeline form Hijaking, leakages, pilferage, theft or any kind of harm given by mafia. GAIL’s Pipeline has been spread in about 1300 Kilometers area according to the companies official statement the estimated cost of monitoring by drone is about 2.5 crore.

Traffic Management & Road safety –

Drone will be helpful in Traffic Management. Traffic police of Uttar Pradesh planned to use Drones for the purpose of traffic management. The department planned to set up Drone in 12 cities of UP including Agra. Drone will not only help in traffic management. The department is expecting two way benefits from Drone firstly it will support in traffic management and secondly it will help in keeping the roads crime free. The home department of the state already started training of drone operation for staff members. Estimated cost of the project is Rs. 10 lakh.

Eyeing on development –

Ministry of Railway has planned to keep an eye on under construction project through Drone technology. Railway has prepared a blue print of dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). Railway has decided to use Drone for keeping an eye on the project. Official said this is an effective way of project monitoring, quality assurance, maintaining the discipline & creating transparency. According to some sources railway has received some suggestion about using Drone for monitoring of railways tracks. This will help in tightening the security of our rail network.

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