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Whatsapp all ready to paint your status with NOENSSS!!

Whatsapp all ready to paint your status with NOENSSS!!


Whatsapp all ready to paint your status with NOENSSS!!

Whatsapp announced a new feature of availability of status stories in colors for its 250 million users.

Post Tuesday this week, Watsapp introduced color based text status updates for its crazy fan following touching a ratio of 250 million monthly users of status update to make it a game of more fun & colors.

With this feature any user can attach a link to its status update, can personalize it in a more specific manner with customisation of the text on status through preferred font and background selection.

Android users & iPhone users both can make the most of this feature plus through Whatsapp web now one can view status updates also.



Additionally added tips & tricks go as:

Status Update: Control your Viewers
With privacy setting, you can decide the viewers from your contact list to receive & view status stories. My contacts, Contacts except, and only share with – these three options give a variety of provision for sharing your stories.

Watch it – Have a look on who viewed your status
A big eye icon, it enables you to disclose the names of contacts who witnessed your status updates.

Updates – Comments on them easily
With any status update whether an image, a video or GIF, the user can directly comment their views exclusively to the status updater by replying through reply option. The comment will appear in the personal window with a thumbnail of a selected update.

So people have fun sharing more neon and bright color updates and put your heart out with more status updates.



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