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                                                                           YOUTH JOURNALIST

YOUTHens news, is a news portal exclusively for the young India, to give aplatform to all those little thoughts that comes from the delicate mind and searching for exposure as a YOUTH JOURNALIST.

Youthens News is “one of its kind gateway” for our youth to express their opinions and ideas throughYOUTHENS NEWS PORTAL by sharing interesting contents, thoughts and stories, donating their diversified creative ideas and innovations in a dignified manner.

Political gossips, obscene content, crime news…A BIG NO! in Youthens News


The main mission of Youthens News is to encourage young India by bringing them a platform of opportunities and connecting with a vast network of Youths worldwide.

All we want is to get connected to the young, carefree and untamed minds and to grow the network by bringing revolutionary change in conventional media world.

Youth can associate with our portal without disturbing their education demands and daily routines.


  1. Report of day today happenings around us (News, Photographs, Videos)
  2. Unite young mind with connection and collecting their data for growing our network.
  3. Alliances from colleges along with departmental and management heads.
  4. Proactive participation on social networking sites.


  1. Training in the field of hardcore Journalism.
  2. Journalist / Press card.
  3. Experience certificate.
  4. Payment as per every post. (hits of the post)
  5. Profitable incentives on every direct ads they get for the portal.
  6. You will get paid certain amount for the number of subscriber you bring to Youthens.



                                                                        WRITER’S JUNCTION


Young writers will have this portal as Junction where they can express their views on various topics by sharing their write ups, photos, videos etc. Along with their active participation in social media they can earn money through every views and likes they bring on the story link.


  • Send your articles, poems, or any other content including photos or videos etc. to us.
  • The matter should be original and written by the person itself and should not be a copied one.
  • The write up should be in English/ Hindi/Hinglish
  • Your content will be checked and verified and should be relevant. (It should not be vulgar, against anyone, etc.)
  • After your matter is been uploaded you will be provided a story link, which you can promote and bring clicks.
  • You can promote it on any social media (With the help of link)
  • With every clicks earn money.



                                                                         GOOD CONTACTS


You can connect with us and earn if you have good social contacts both on ground and virtual level (social media).  You can earn money by bringing choices to the share post.



For more details please:


                                                   Email: [email protected]

                                                You can WhatsApp or Call: 08889-398-398



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