Saturday, July 29th, 2017

11 Ways You Can Calm Down An Angry Friend

We all have best and best friends who get angry number of times on very small- small things. And if you to have this type of a friend then very well know what and many ways you have to use to tackle their anger. So just to make you’re this task easy we are giving you 11 ways you can calm Down An Angry Friend. So read them and try them.

 Be there when they need yoube thereYes the best way to calm them is to be with them in their good and bad times. They might call at an ungodly hour, but it is then that your friendship would be put through a test. And it’s in your best interest to pass.

Be on callon phoneYes be there for them constantly on the phone, try to engage them while talking you that they don t do anything wrong.

Listen to themYes that true if you want to calm down the anger of your friend listen to them whether they are right or not, and after they are done with their anger try to explain that was right for them and wrong.

Remind them that this too shall pass


Try to console them that this is a bad time for you and this too shall pass, try to give them encouraging speech to them, this will surely help them.

Take them to their favorite placefavorite

Be it a bar or near the sea, take them to a place where they will find peace and calm. This will help them to forget the things that hurt them .

Keep saying ‘I understand how you feel’tis too shall pass

Yes this is a sentence that gives quite a relief to anyone getting furious. Empathising will surely make them feel better. Make them sit, offer water and pat their back and tell them you completely understand.

Lighten the situation with humoursmile

Try to crack some jokes to lighten the atmosphere, I mean this is a risky tip but you can take at least this much of risk for your friend. Right?

 Tell them to find a solutionsolution

And if there isn’t one, tell them to accept the reality.  At first, they won’t like it and will try to deny it. But don’t paint a rosy picture before them.

Be honest and never liesonsole them

This different way of calming down your friend. You might try to lie or say things that aren’t real to calm them down. However, never do that because when they find out you lied, the cause of anger would be you.

Agree with what they sayagree

Yes if you want them to get calm down then this is the best way to handle them, try to get agree on everything and anything they say , and even if they are scolding you .

Get them a drinkdrienk

A drink and your company after a bad day is what they might be craving. You just have to say it and see how the Hulks turn into Bruce Banner!


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