Friday, August 25th, 2017

A Live Talk Show

Indore -: On 24th Feb. 2016 E-times is a campus company of Prestige Institute of Management and Research. E-times came into picture on 24th February 2015. E-times is basically a positive media group which focusses on motivating the youth to make this world a better place. Having all this on mind and on completing a year, E-times decided to organize a live talk show for the students of Prestige Institute of Management and Research.

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This event is a part of the Aaghaaz E-cell PIMR e-week 2016. Like the theme given by NEN goes, “Innovative ideas for a better world”, the live talk show went hand in hand with it. The guest speaker for today was Mr. Haji Alanur, CEO Multani Sona Travels. He had a lot of life lessons for all of us. Throughout the show he kept on focusing on one thing- to invest time in the right place for a better future. He said,” This is the era of Startups. He added, Success isn’t the destination, it’s the journey. Set your priorities straight for a better future.


If you learn the skill of setting your priorities, you have successfully taken your first step towards success. Invest your time wisely so that later in life people share your success stories and you do not talk about theirs. Keep following your passion. Make the choice between pleasure and priorities. Make the choice soon or you’ll get lost in the crowd.” The program was coordinated by Shubham Chouhan and Mahima Entrepreneurship Cell PIMR Dr.Punit Kumar Dwivedi welcomed the Pahwa from Team Etimes. Faculty coordinator Aaghaaz guest and played the AVI of Journey of Aaghaaz E-Cell PIMR vote of thanks proposed by Vishal Jain . Student E-Leader ShashankKhandelwal, Rashi Vyas, Vruddhi Doshi, Vishal Agrawal, Harsh Majeji,Bhavuk Chaurasia and other were present during the e-times talk show.We had a great time. We look forward to such talk shows at our college.


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